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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Children's Formula Milk is too sweet!

As a child I was used to drinking very sweet beverages. We used to make Milo with milk powder and add sugar in it too to sweeten it. However as an adult, I’ve slowly adjusted my sweet intake to the level that I now feel yucky when drinking stuff that are too sweet. Previously, when I still had a sweet tooth/tongue, I did not notice how sweet some drinks were but now….

Sometimes when I make the children’s milk, I taste it to check the temperature and OMG its so sickly sweet! Why do they make it so sweet for? They tell you not to put any seasoning ie salt or sugar into baby's food for the first year or so. Well the kids have not developed a taste for sweetness since they are used to eat bland food and then ta daa.... when I introduce them to formula milk after weaning from breast milk it spoils their taste as it is so sweet! Chey!

The kids like Ribena so sometimes we let them indulge. However, I do prefer to buy the big bottle to mix the drink myself so I can control the sweetness. The ready bottled or packaged ones are so sickly sweet!

Recently I bought some so called fitness cereal, marketed to give an image of health and fitness but OMG the dried fruits in it are so sickly sweet. It even attracted so many ants to it when I did not store it in a container with a tight enough cover.

I do wish that they’d stop manufacturing such sweet drinks and food especially those targeted at little ones. Haih!


  1. You mean all this while you never taste the formula? Actually, BM also quite sweet lah...similar type of sweetness. But I "bleaaaaacch" it out when I taste it. Just give regular fresh milk la..just the same..guaranteed not sweet!

    Just don't buy for them la..like me. My no.1 only get to eat junk food in school, at home..macam health food store..all bland bland bland..hahahaah

  2. I thought some of the milk formulas taste like rust!

  3. Some milk formula also smell weird. Or maybe its just me who dislike milk... hehehe

  4. cukup sweeeeettt baru can sell ma. kalau bland and taste like cardboard mana orang mau beli.

  5. Funny thing about my daughter is she can drink the milk from bottle, but refuse it if its in a cup. She claims the smell is very awful.

  6. yah, we tasted the formulas and found it sweet but what to do,we need the DHA and blab blab for the welfare of the kids. kiasu mama:p Anywayz, any experienced mamas know when is the best time to stop the formula feed altogether and switch to fresh milk?

  7. Difference brand of fomular milk got difference type of taste ler. My kids dunwan other formular milk except Enfa. I try to give them try Annum the smile quite weird and my kids dun like it.

  8. MG, this explains why my son prefers sweet things more than my daughter. He was brought up on formula and never liked fresh milk (I can see why now)...THANKS! Just 19 years too late for me. Hahaha.
    My daughter was brought up on soymilk and though she doesn't mind sweet things but her degree of sweetness intake is like 40% less than my son's. Aiyah, why you no teach me this earlier?

  9. How many grams of sugar does the formula have? Just curious, also what type of sugar do they use? Maybe you could write to the manufacturer and suggest an alternative, like maybe one without the added sweetness.

  10. mott,
    I hate the taste of fresh milk!

    Haha. Really ah?

    Sweetness sells!

    You're not alone.

    Betul cakap lu.

    Maybe the smell is coming from the cup. Lol! I've heard this coming from another parent before too.

    mdm 2359,
    I read that its safe after the 1st year?

    I use Dumex.

    Hahaha. Sorry loh.

    I don't think they state of many grammes on the can. Hmmm.... must check.

  11. maybe this is out of topic...
    i'm going to start my baby with solid in a month time (6 mths old). do u hv any recommendation of home prepared food rather than the processed food (rusk/cereal)?

  12. Maybe only sweetness can make kids more addicted to the product gua..


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