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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

BrainFit Smart Moves Program For Children From 5 To 18 Years

In early September, we wrote about BrainFit Studio Malaysia's Grand Opening at The Curve on 11 September 2015. If you didn't manage to attend, we'd like to fill you in with some of the programs run by BrainFit.
BrainFit Grand Opening At The Curve

Latest Enrichment Program For Kids In Malaysia

It is coming towards the year-end now, so you may like to find out about some of the latest programs in town for your kids. One of them is the BrainFit series of programs. The idea behind these programs is to train the brain so that your child can perform better at school.

Brain Training at BrainFit in Malaysia consists of 4 programs. They are

  1. SMART™ Moves
  2. SMART™ Vision 
  3. SMART™ Listening & 
  4. SMART™ Focus.

In this post, we will explain about the SMART™ Moves program.

The SMART™ Moves Program by BrainFit

A boy enjoying his SMART™ Moves class
The SMART™ Moves program by BrainFit is suitable for children from 5 to 18 years. The aim of this program is to strengthen and speed up a student's sensory-motor brain fitness.

Did you know that sensory-motor fitness is required in a child's everyday life not only in the field but also in the classroom when he draws, colours and writes for example copying notes from the board. It is also required in many other activities that involve interaction with other kids, activities that include the element of movement.

The SMART™ Moves program will improve not only the gross motor skills but also fine motor skills like handwriting skills through a series of movement activities throughout the program.

Here is what one child said after attending the SMART™ Moves program. Excerpt taken from the BrainFit website.

“After I had gone through SMART™ Moves, I have improved on my speed in writing and copying class notes from the board. I am much faster now and don’t need to borrow my friend’s book anymore. When I play sports, such as soccer, I’m better at passing the ball and the team likes me better now” 12 year-old boy, after 6 weeks of SMART™ Moves

Parents, if you want to find out more about the SMART™ Moves or other programs by BrainFit, you can visit their official website or Facebook pages below.

Website: http://brainfitadvantage.com/
Facebook: BrainFit Studio Malaysia


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