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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Creative Art Class For Kids December 2015

If you are looking for an art class for your children this coming December 2015 School Holidays, check out Process Painting Studio in Taman Tun for a creative art experience your child won't forget. This school holidays, Process Painting Studio is running a creative art session called "The Painting Adventure" for children aged 5 - 12.

This is an art class with a difference. The focus is not on the end product but rather on the process of making the art. Each art piece is itself an adventure to create. Children are encouraged to focus on the process and enjoy the creative journey.

With school syllabuses being so structured and routine with emphasis on rote learning and little room for kids to be creative or think out of the box all year round, instead of sending kids to structured art lessons this school holidays why not let your kids explore their creativity and maximize their own creative potential. The studio creates a safe place where children can create to make themselves happy and not anyone else.

This is no ordinary art class. You will not have kids churning out art pieces that look similar to everyone else's in the class.They will not be learning fixed patterns and standard methods then have their final artwork assessed by parents and teachers and compared with those of their peers. Instead, they will be given the freedom to use their imagination with no expectations from parents or teachers. Each artwork is unique, special and authentic to the child.

When we give children the freedom and outlet to express themselves, they come to know, appreciate and become confident in themselves. It will reduce their dependence and heavy reliance on copying while increasing their confidence to solve problems on their own. This will benefit both active as well as shy kids.

For more details, call Marina 012-300 7956 
The Painting Adventure - Dec 2015 School  Holiday Program by Process Painting Studio


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