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School Holiday Programme December 2018


School Holiday Programme December 2018

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Computer Aided Design Courses For Kids And Teens In Malaysia

If your child is interested in computers, robotics, engineering and other creative technology then check out CAD Design School which is well known for their CAD and AutoCAD courses.

  • Beginners can try out the 2D Computer Aided Design (CAD) which gives an introduction to engineering and using AutoCAD as a drawing and designing tool in these fields. Your child can attend this course during school holidays or at weekends to supplement their education and maintain their interest in technology.
Danial with his 2D Design House
  • A child who is familiar with the basics of 2D CAD, can try the 3D Modelling CAD where kids and teens will learn how to create a 3D object using AutoCAD. They will be able to understand the concept of 3D modelling and how it can be applied in real life in jobs requiring this technology with hands on fun experimenting with designs
Kevin with his 3D Model
  • 3D Printing which is also available at CAD Design schools builds on the knowledge on the basics of 2D CAD and practical 3D Modelling CAD to design and print out objects using state of the art 3D printers. It is something exciting for learners to actually print and see the physical object they designed.
3D Printed Objects Designed and Built By Design School Graduates

Besides the CAD courses, kids can also learn the following at CAD Design School

Animated Video Program
Scratch Programming For Kids
A Built And Fly Remote Control Aeroplane Design
All of these courses are offered during school holidays, weekends and sometimes on regular days too. Call 012-2737190 or email: caddesignschool@gmail.com for more information and schedule for the above classes.



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