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Friday, May 20, 2016

Digital Creation With Coding And 3D Printing June Malaysia School Holiday Workshops

Digital Creation With Coding is a big thing for kids these days and its catching on like wild fire in our Malaysian shores. However, coding as part of our school curriculum has not yet been developed. It is already on the way in Indonesia as you can read from this May 11, 2016 news - Indonesia to make coding part of school curriculum next year."

For now, what we parents can do is to expose our kids to digital creation with coding from short courses that are being offered. We'd like to tell you about a digital creation with coding for kids school holiday programme today.

This is a series of short 2-5 days digital creativity course being offered by Crafty Minds. 

Why Digital Creation? 

Coding is an abstract thing for most people. It can be a dry and complex subject for kids to understand. That's why the course has to be fun, engaging and interactive. Being able to see the immediate results of what they are learning makes a huge difference in keeping kids interested.

The course uses toys and games that children love. This is a great way to educate young children as they can cleverly disguise the act of learning and make developing a new skill fun and exciting for kids. 

Crafty Minds uses Minecraft, Quadpro Helicopters and 3D Digital Drawing fun to teach kids the basics of how to code using cutting-edge technology like 3D printers and 3D pens.

In learning the basics of programming and coding, kids will 
  • Build digital awareness and confidence
  • Improve problem solving and thinking skills
  • Stretch their minds to understand how a computer works
  • Become more active users of technology instead of passive
  • Exercise greater creativity digitally
Make sure your child is not left behind in our ever increasing digital world, a world dominated by software and digital technology. 

You can sign up for just 1 or all 3 of the following courses.
  1. Learn Coding Using Minecraft
  2. Learn to Design and Take Home A Quadcopter (a helicopter propelled by 4 rotors)
  3. Learn to Draw and Trace a 3D Object Using A 3D Pen
Programme Details:

  • Date: 28th May till 12th June
  • Venue: Crafty Mind. 11-2 Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 KL.
  • Fees: 3D Pen @ RM180 for 2 days (1.5hrs/day); Minecraft @ RM320 for 4 days (2hrs/day); Quadcopter @ RM660 for 5 days (3hrs/day)
  • Age: 6 yo and above
  • Contact Information : Call +603-90542033 / Watsapp +6011-1235 8898 or visit Crafty Minds FB page

For those interested to know more about the courses offered by Crafty Minds, 
feel free to drop by on 21 & 22 May 2016 from 11 am to 4 pm during their open day.

Location Map:



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