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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Computational Thinking Helps Kids & Teens in Problem Solving

Computational thinking is a skill that every child should learn. Kids will benefit from knowing how to think this way. It will help them to understand and master technology and solve every day problems in almost any area.

Why Kids Should Learn Coding

When kids learn coding, they have to practice computational skills in order to solve problems. In coding, kids will learn Decomposition, Pattern Recognition, Abstraction and Algorithm. Although these may sound like really big words and rather technical vocabulary but they are really very simple and useful concepts that can be applied in problem solving in any area.

If you take a closer look at the meaning of these words in computational thinking context, you will instantly see how knowing and practicing these methods will help children in school and life in general

The 4 cornerstones of computational skills.
1. Decomposition – breaking down a complex problem into smaller tasks that are more manageable

2. Pattern Recognition – looking for trends or patterns within problems that will help us solve problems more effectively and efficiently

3. Abstraction – pulling out patterns to focus on how to solve the problem by ignoring unnecessary details

4. Algorithm – a set of steps to follow in order to solve problems

How Coding Helps Your Child Solve Problems

Decomposition, Pattern Recognition, Abstraction and Algorithm. These thought patterns when practiced frequently enough will help a child view problems in a new and different light.

They will learn how to break down problems into smaller sub-problems. They will be better able to focus when they look for similar patterns while removing distractions before finally arriving and following ordered steps to solve problems. It is a very useful skill to have for everyone. Training a child to think in this manner from young has long term benefits that will be useful for the rest of their lives.

How Computational Thinking Helps Your Children Succeed In The Digital Age

Our children are born and grew up in the digital age where their daily lives are greatly influenced and depend a lot on technology. Many digital conveniences they grew up with are as a result of creative computational thinking and coding. It is therefore inevitable that they should at least have some awareness of how coding makes things work around them.

When they grow up, a lot of job opportunities and career options will benefit someone who is computer science savvy. They don’t have to be a computer engineer or technician but having computing knowledge and computational thinking skills will go a long way in helping them in employment in any field or area.

When And How To Start Learning Computer Programming and Coding

In KidoCode, kids & teens attend classes in computer programming where children as young as 6 can start to learn coding. Learning is personalized and adaptive to each kids understanding and knowledge. These kids & teens are learning Code & Math using Python Programming Language, Web Development, Game Development, Mobile Development, and Electronics & Robotics.

Everybody is welcome to come and join the 3 hours FREE Trial Class where kids & teens get to experience coding in Python and create their first mobile application. Click here to register for the trial class.


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