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School Holiday Programme December 2018


School Holiday Programme December 2018

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Taste of International Education at Lorna Whiston

A Taste of International Education at Lorna Whiston: 

Where Learning English Is About so Much More than Just Language

Every parent wants the best for their child, especially when it comes to education. However with so many options available these days, choosing a school can be nothing short of over-whelming! Not only do you have to decide on the medium of instruction, there is also the style of teaching and price range to consider before you even start to narrow down your choices. It is fair to say that a driving factor for most parents is the desire to have well-rounded children who will be able to cope with our ever-changing world in more than one language. Many families who speak their mother tongue at home and whose children attend Chinese or government schools, worry about their child’s level of English. Some parents lack confidence in their own English abilities, so additional lessons are really important.

At Lorna Whiston, we believe that learning English is about more than just the language: we know that a balanced approach to education is best, and in this way we have been successfully supplementing Malaysian families’ education choices for twenty years. As well as providing full-time classes for pre-schoolers, we offer support for Malaysian children in the international school system, who despite sounding fluent in English may need additional classes because English is their second language. We also provide an international experience for learners who follow the Malaysian syllabus at school. A survey by Mumsgather Finds shows increasing numbers of families are choosing a Chinese education at primary level and moving across to an international school for the secondary years and this is where Lorna Whiston can provide excellent preparation in the preschool and primary years, as well as additional support during secondary school.

At Lorna Whiston our approach has always relied on a high level of interaction for students both with their teacher and with each other. Students regularly work in collaboration with their classmates and are taught there is frequently more than one right answer to a question. Creativity is valued, along with forming and being able to defend an opinion. At Lorna Whiston, students are listened to. 

At Lorna Whiston we understand that positive early educational experiences are important for children to fall in love with learning from a young age. We have kind, dedicated teachers who see their students as individuals and allow their personalities to develop naturally, celebrating achievements big and small. In this way our children feel nourished and responsive to learning. Not only is our age-appropriate learning environment important in terms of the classroom setting, it is also the atmosphere which sets the tone. Children need firm boundaries within which to discover the world and these are provided with clear guidelines, high yet achievable expectations and support where needed. 

For the best start to their education, children aged four can join the daily intensive Language Development programme, which is a three year pre-school programme, derived from the British Curriculum and covering all aspects of education. Based on a strong understanding of how children develop and their early educational needs, these classes encourage independence and boost confidence whilst providing a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy along with other subjects. Lorna Whiston’s well-qualified, native English speaking teachers build children’s belief in their own ability to learn through exploratory experiences. Class discussions promote accurate language use and help children relate their own lives to the world around them.

Learners aged 4-17 can also attend classes once a week, either to follow the core English programme, or to enhance skills in other areas such as speech and drama, phonics, public speaking or writing. All programmes encompass the Lorna Whiston philosophy of how children learn best and place a strong emphasis on enjoyment, as well as having high expectations regarding the standard of work produced. Over the years, Lorna Whiston has helped countless students grow into avid readers, strong writers and confident communicators with a wide vocabulary and the skills to meet the big wide world head on!

At Lorna Whiston we keep our class sizes small (no more than twelve) and our teachers are recruited internationally not only for their qualifications and experience, but also for their warmth and genuine passion for seeing each learner develop as an individual. The current teaching team of eleven hails from the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States and South Africa and has a combined total of:

· 12 Bachelor’s degrees

· 4 Master’s degrees

· 19 teaching qualifications and postgraduate certificates

· 103 years of teaching experience with over 11,000 students aged two to seventy-three in 22 different countries

To maintain consistency and high standards, our curriculum has been designed by our CEO and Director of Studies Mrs Helen Marjan, who has been an educator for close to thirty years. As well as her leading role at Lorna Whiston, Helen tutored on one of the world’s most prestigious Masters programmes for Teaching English to Young Learners at the University of York in England. Therefore our curriculum is backed up by the latest research into what is needed in a programme for excellent teaching and learning to take place.

For more information about how Lorna Whiston can help your child, please call 03-7727 1909 or check out the website: www.lornawhiston.com.my

By Marianne Dark 

Marianne Dark (MA, BA, PGCE) joined Lorna Whiston TTDI in 2002 and has been Head Teacher since 2010. She has a strong understanding of the educational needs of Malaysian children and through her work at Lorna Whiston she has been involved in teacher training for local and international teachers and presenting at education conferences in Malaysia and Singapore.



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