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Monday, January 08, 2018

Coding As A Language For Younger Kids

As more and more gadgets run by software and computer becomes a part of our kids daily life, it has become increasingly important for children to understand how these technology work rather than to be mere consumers of new technology. It is much more beneficial for kids to learn how to create games rather than to play the games on their gadgets passively.

How Can Young Kids Learn To Code

Coding is no longer a complicated course for computer science or engineering students. Nowadays, there are many ways to teach a young child to code, ways that are suitable for their developmental stage and age. For example, a child can start by playing a game, learning to modify the game according to their preference and eventually learn to code an entire game according to their own imagination and creativity. 

Many kids these days know their way around a computer, ipad or smart phone easily. However, in the new economy where almost every industry rely on computer programmes, it is no longer enough to know how a computer programme works. One must know how to write a programme to be a valuable employee in the new digitized world we now live in.

All over the world, school curriculums have been expanded to include coding for young kids because by exposing kids to programming in early life, it plants a seed for later on in life.

Kids Learn Better And Faster When They Are Younger

Childhood and adolescence are the best age for children to learn anything and that includes coding and computer programming because their brains are still developing and learning rapidly. They are also more curious, flexible and imaginative and less affected by their peers or the outside world. 

Teaching kids to code is not about teaching them to write lines of codes. You have to start off by teaching kids all about logical thinking and how to break things down one step at a time. You also teach them persistence and determination in the process. Coding builds confidence because it gives kids the tools to build their own solutions. It is very empowering and beneficial to learn how to think in this manner from a young age.

Kid From As Young As 6 Year Olds Can Learn Coding And Computer Programming At KidoCode

Are you ready to introduce your preschooler or lower primary school child to coding? Click on the link to register for a free coding class for your child at KidoCode. KidoCode is a Computer Programming and Math School for kids and teens located at Solaris, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. The center accepts kids from as young as 6. No prior coding knowledge is required.


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