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School Holiday Programme December 2018


School Holiday Programme December 2018

Friday, January 19, 2018

Introduce Coding to Solve Gaming Addiction in Kids

Ask a kid or teen why games are fun and they may give you several reasons including

  • Games allows you to level up
  • Games allows you to collect items
  • Games allows you to talk to your friends and play together
  • Games gives you diamonds and gold coins and many other rewards
In order to level up and collect more and more items or receive rewards, you need to play more in terms of hours spent playing and keep on playing to improve your game so you can advance to the next level. In multiplayer games, some games in virtual worlds never end.

All of these are reasons why gaming can become so addictive. 

So how do you get a child away from his games to something more productive and educational? You Level Up into Coding! Introduce coding to solve gaming addiction.

Kids who play games often have an affinity towards coding especially writing code for games. 

When children code their own games, they will learn logical thinking, mathematics and computational thinking in order to solve problems during the game design. They will 'level up' because during the course of coding they will begin to understand the logic and algorithm behind a game. Knowing how a game works instead of merely being a passive player can be very exciting and challenging to a gamer.

The reward of having designed a successful game that works is even more rewarding than game play.  Testing out a simple game they have coded themselves is much more rewarding than playing the most complicated online game. It is also a confidence booster. 

Coding allows them to get 'behind the scenes' of the game to understand each and every part and component that make up a game. They will feel a sense of pride in their achievement and be happy to show it to their parents, siblings and friends, drawing them out and away from the virtual gaming world. 

Introduce your child who loves to play games to coding today by signing them up for a free 3-hour trial class offered by KidoCode @ Solaris. KidoCode is a Computer programming and mathematic school for primary, secondary and high school students, from ages 6 to 18 at Kuala Lumpur.



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