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School Holiday Programme December 2018


School Holiday Programme December 2018

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Weaning from Computer Addiction With Coding

Is your child spending a little bit too much time on the PC or his handheld gadget playing senseless games and wasting his time away? What can you do? Should you pull the plug on the computer? You probably feel like doing that or pulling your hair out but here's another way you can do it.

Our children are born and live in a digital age. It is not practical to pull the plug on the computer completely. As a parent, what we can do is to monitor and make sure that the time your child spend on the computer is controlled and useful.

You need to have some form of controls and time limits and stick to it consistently. For example, no computers after a certain time in the evening and any gadget during meal times is a no-no. Make sure you monitor and check on your agreed upon rules.

You should also ensure that screen time is used wisely. One of the ways to do this is to allow your kid to spend time exploring the computer by learning about how the game he or she plays works through coding. In learning how to code, he or she can be taught to make their own apps or games. Making games is a much better alternative to playing games!

It is challenging and exciting to learn how games works and eventually to create a game or other useful apps. This has long term benefits and it is educational unlike the mindless and repetitive games that often give short term or instant gratification with no benefits. Learning to make game apps is both fun and challenging. Your child will pick up many skills such as computational thinking and mathematics. 

Computational thinking helps your child think to think logically.  This helps him to solve problems methodically. He also learns patience and persistence. This skill is valuable to him at school when applied to his studies.

If you or your child are new to coding, you can try out a free demo class organized by KidoCode. Follow this link to book a free trial class.



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