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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Time for Kids to Learn Coding in 2019

It's 2019 and the call for kids to learn coding has been on for a few years now. Enrichment centers, schools, even nations are now teaching kids coding. Coding is the ability to understand a machine language, the knowledge of reading and writing a machine language and the skill to think computationally. Are your kids learning coding in 2019?

Just as kids need to learn music, art and sports, coding is now an essential part of their education.  

As the world increasingly becomes more digital and relies more on computer programming, software and apps to get things done, so too does the need for everyone to understand coding from a young age. This will give kids the edge to compete and give them an advantage when it comes to newer jobs that has been created from advancements in technology.

It has become easier for kids to learn coding with fun and interactive learning

Coding for kids in 2019 is not the same as an adult learning computer programming in the past. The way to learn coding has changed to become more inclusive for kids who are learning machine language. The new ways to learn include understanding interesting engineering and robotics, app and game design for kids, and more. Exercises for kids are simple, fun and interactive with prompts to guide them. Learning resources are constantly being upgraded to teach children how to build graphics, animations and even games and apps.

Coding benefits kids in many ways

In the future, not knowing how to code is akin to not knowing how to read. Everyone needs some basic computer programming knowledge. Apart from helping kids become more competitive in the future job market through the understanding of basic computing, coding also helps kids think in a logical and structured way. It helps children to solve problems in an organized manner. Hands-on coding teaches kids to be creative and encourages out of the box thinking. They are taught to become independent learners when taught to problem solve on their own instead of relying on passive instruction in traditional teaching.

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