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Monday, March 11, 2019

March 2019 School Holidays Free Trial Class On Coding

How quickly time flies. It's March and in no time at all the first term school holidays will arrive signaling the end of the first half of the first school semester.

When is the March 2019 holidays?

The school term is made up of two semesters with a 2 week break in the middle of the year. Each semester has a mid-term break of 1 week in the middle of the semester. The first mid term break for the first semester or "cuti pertengahan penggal 1" is from 23rd March to 31st March 2019 for schools in Group B and it starts and ends one day earlier for schools in Group A. Schools in Group A include schools in Kedah, Johor, Kelantan and Terengganu whereas schools in Group B are schools in all other states and federal territories.

Free Trial Class on Coding for the March 2019 holidays

As usual, many parents search for activities to occupy their kids during the school holidays. The school holidays is rather short during the mid semester breaks ie one week, most students have their own schedule of tuition classes etc to attend too. Therefore choosing a short school holiday activity, one just to give the kids extra exposure and for them to do something different compared to what they normally do during school days is what parents do.

One such activity is a free trial class on coding. This March 2019, your kids can join KidoCode for 3 hours of fun-filled adventure! There is no need to pay, no need to bring a laptop, just bring your passion and your children to experience the future in education. Kidocode is a community that provides computer programming, math, and digital art courses for students of all ages. they provide the need-to-know skills that students cannot get in school, with a focus on computational thinking.

During the 3-hour free coding session, your kids will

  • get to know python programming 
  • discover how to create amazing artwork
  • learn how to build a mobile app and 
  • work with Aduino for electronics.
That's quite a lot of exposure for kids who have  no experience in coding before. What's more, there's no fix time for the free trial class. Many sessions are available every day during the March 2019 school holidays. You can schedule this demo class according to your own free time to fit your busy schedule and your child's timetable. 

Click here to apply for your free trial session.


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