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Thursday, December 05, 2019

Learning Malay With A Good Malay Dictionary

Do you know the difference between ‘menjunjung’, ‘menggalas’, ‘mengelek’, ‘menatang’ and ‘mengandar’? These words mean ‘to carry something’ but they are used with specific objects and done in different ways. Parents in our group have been asking these types of question over and over again as even they too are confused making it a challenge to guide their kids.

Did you know that the ‘Kata Hampir Sama Makna’ on the Oxford Fajar Kamus Bahasa Melayu CW (Companion Website) will tell you exactly how they are different, with pictures! There are other words, not just about ‘carry something’. The Companion Website is available exclusively to all  owners of the Kamus Bahasa Melayu who are registered users.

A good Malay dictionary will help the learner to learn not only new vocabulary but it will also help them with grammar to a certain degree. For example, in Oxford Fajar's Kamus Bahasa Melayu (Kamus BM), there are Nota Bahasa windows containing grammar notes. 

The Kamus BM is designed to cater for student's needs. The layout is more user friendly. Apart from italics and bold font, colours (black and blue) are used to provide emphasis on different language aspects such as antonyms, 'peribahasa' and 'perkataan berimbuhan', making it easier for the learner to look for and notice them. These language aspects are included in the dictionary not only to help them to enrich their vocabulary but also to improve their language mastery.

The dictionary also provides full example sentences to assist students to understand the context of the words and help them to familiarize themselves with grammatically correct sentences. Not only does the dictionary familiarize students with grammatically correct sentences, it also helps students to build new ones by providing 'kelas kata' (part of speech) for all the words included. It is important for students to know this since parts of speech are the building blocks of sentences.

Locating 'perkataan berimbuhan' can be very challenging if you do not know the root of the word since the content of a dictionary is arranged alphabetically by root words. With that in mind Kamus BM has included Carian Pantas Kata to help users.

The CW or Companion Website also provides Carian Pantas Peribahasa to help users to locate a ‘peribahasa’ in the dictionary, very much like how Carian Pantas Kata works.

Kamus BM was reviewed by Professor Emeritus Datuk Dr. Nik Safiah Karim – a renown Malay linguist expert.

All of these extra bonuses in Kamus BM make it a useful companion for the Malay language learner.
Dictionaries help learners to learn languages, they are not mere references for improving vocabulary alone.

This post was brought to you by Oxford Fajar Malaysia.

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