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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Free Online Trial Class - Why is Coding Important

Where can I find a free online class for my kids? This is one of the frequently asked questions by parents today. We noticed that more and more parents are searching for online classes as we continue with our new normal lives during this RMCO period (Recovery Movement Control Order).  Many parents are concerned that their children have missed out on academic and other learning during the MCO. They are looking for new ways of teaching to keep their children safe at home while continuing with their learning.

Where can I find a free online class on Coding?

This is our topic for today. We hope this information will be useful for parents who are looking for online classes as well as those who know the value of coding in today's digitally transformed world and would like to introduce it to their children. 

KidoCode is currently offering free online trial classes on what is coding and why it is important. 

Why Coding Is Important

It is an undeniable fact that we live in a digital age with an app for almost everything. For example, the MySejahtera app was quickly developed for Malaysians to easily track and trace Covid-19 cases. We find businesses switching from traditional brick and mortar models to e-commerce where web development and writing codes that work are crucial to businesses. 

Technology has advanced and evolved to the extent that now Coding is at the centre of every development in every department in a corporation. Coding is now recognized worldwide in many school curricula as a necessary skill to equip students for the digital world we now live in. New ways of teaching coding have been developed to make coding fun and easy to understand.

Coding for kids is now as important as learning ABCs, 123s or music. Are your kids equipped with coding skills? Check out the free trial class below. It is available both online as well as on-campus. No prior knowledge of coding is required to attend.

Below are the details and dates of the free trial class.

Coding For Children
Online Free Trial Class Dates: Available Everyday Monday to Sunday
Duration: 2 hours
For Whom: kids and teens 6 to 18 years old
Fee: Free
Organizer: Kidocode
Contact : +6012 620 2073
Email: info@kidocode.com
Link for Online Registration is here.

We believe that the MCO has fast-tracked online learning. Companies like KidoCode who have been practicing online learning even before the MCO have the resource and network to run online lessons so that students' learning will not be interrupted. 

Now you can enjoy their free demo classes from the comfort of your home. Siblings can learn together. There will be a concurrent session for parents too! All you need is 2 hours of your time according to your own schedule. Now we can learn everything online, including coding. Find out more about the online coding trial class timetable.


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