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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Night Shift

A mother's job is 24/7.

As Mr MG prepares to go to bed, MG prepares herself for the night shift but before the night shift begins must get the kids to bed first.

Going to bed

Baby has a viral infection and is feeling miserable. That means he needs lots of tender loving care. He has trouble falling asleep because he feels uncomfortable. Normally a simple breastfeed while telling toddler her bedtime stories would do the job and then he would sleep like a.... well, like a baby.

But due to the fever and his slightly gassy stomach, he is screaming in discomfort, his tiny fingers gripping my arm, little fingernails digging into my flesh, his face all red and he is arching his little body. So no choice, have to walk him up and down to distract him and help him to sleep. Baby seldom gets this luxury of being walked up and down but since he is not feeling well.....

Toddler is jealous to see the attention baby is getting. To avoid this, we go and fetch her teddy bear so she could walk up and down with the bear as well (instead of bugging me to carry her) and so we both walked up and down the room. It took 3 rounds of pacing the floor before baby slept and toddler stopped feeling jealous and went to sleep too. Not 3 rounds round the room mind you. (Defination of 1 round = walk up and down, up and down then put baby down "Waaaaaah!" more nail digging, back arching, face turning red). Normally baby is very good but since he is sick thats the way he tells me he is not feeling well since he can't talk yet.

Night Shift Begins

Toddler woke up crying non-stop. Uh Oh! Usually that means a nightmare or coming down with a virus. (I thought baby would be the first one to wake up. ) It took some time to calm her down and in the meantime baby woke up. Took him out to check his diaper. Nothing there.

A moment later.... phhuuut! phhuut! Uh Oh! Baby needs a diaper change now. The doc did say to watch out for loose stools so here it comes. After the change, toddler goes back to sleep and baby had to be walked up and down again.

Much later.... Thud! Waaaaaah! (Toddler fell off the bed) Luckily we haven't thrown away that cheap mattress at the end of the bed to cushion any fall. Calms toddler down but baby woke up again. Luckily this time he went back to sleep after a breastfeed.

Much..much..later... Waaaaahhh! This time its baby who needs comforting again. Walk up and down, up and down. Its early morning now but normally baby sleeps in late so have to get him back to sleep.

Much..much...much...later... Mummy! (Toddler wakes up.) Waaaaahhhh! (Baby wakes up.)

Night shift over liao. Day shift about to start.

Usually day shift is more heavy duty except for the lack of sleep at night. Normally its not so bad though. Its quite easy to get them to bed and toddler usually sleeps through the night; but when one is sick... thats what happens lah.

Note: After the Day shift over, night shift started again, with a near repeat of the earlier night except for the part where toddler fell off the bed. MG got panda eyes adi.


  1. MG, wah so susah one mum's work. I scared liao. But I think it'll all be worth it lor. I remember my mum said hor when I baby time,I was a cry baby--crying over little bit of things and to get attention wor...hehe but I think bcoz of that, till now my parents still manja wif me wor....:)

  2. That's y mothers' love r noble & a mother's job is 24/7(every second might be on call...juz like doc).=)

  3. The perk of the job is - the children will NEVER forget one. And they wlll sayang you for your whole life..

  4. ahh all the best.. after the infant and childhood phases.. it would be easier already.. and when they become adults, like earthtone say.. "will sayang you for your whole life" :)

    good luck MG.. very scared next time i don wanna have kids ady ahahah..

  5. Wah,suffering.:)Day and night shift without proper rest,sure can be bad tempered after a while.Hope tat baby will get well soon.:)

    Yeah,they will love you for the rest of your life.:)

  6. Hope your baby get well soon. :)

    Jason, hehe..my mum say hor I baby time (until about 4yo) she hv very little sleep wor bcoz I always middle of the nite want to go out kaikai in the car for an hr or 2 until fall asleep. If go kaikai and I dun fall asleep, I'll cry & cry refuse to sleep wor. Its legendary one...hehe everytime got family gathering hor they still talk abt it :( *malu leh*

  7. Mystic, Wah, you so susah to take care off ah. Now still cry baby or not?

    Anon, next time leave name lah :). Cheywah, you compare mums work to doc summore.

    ET, there are some which forget. Go read fishtail's blog about "My children don't come to see me anymore" Its so sad. Here's the u rl.

    http://julyfishtail.blogspot.com/2005/02/my-children-dont-come-to-see-me.htmlMunkit mya scarry pic is back! Was it you who said you wanted 5? Can't remember. Still want 5 or not?

    Jason, Thank you for reminding me to tone down my temper. :-P

  8. MG, yahlor I small time very difficult to take care off one..hehe..That's y hor,I never had babysitter take care of me one...I was taken care when small (when parents worked) by my maternal grandma & grandpa who dots on me to bits...Now no more cry baby liaolah--big already!.Lucky!

  9. ya, know the feeling. you wouldnt mind the physical torture so much but for the nagging feeling that the children are not well. Wishing godspeed in baby's recovery.

  10. MG, your night shift really bring back a lot of memory to me, I wouldn't call it night shift, I'll call it nightmare with eye open.
    with a toddler who seem like know a lot sometime, but when come to critical moment she seems like not know at all,seems more susah than me jaga two don't-know-at-all. (seriously I don't know you know wht I mean or not, becos I also not sure wht I mean liao)
    hope your baby get well soon.

  11. wah. hope your baby will get well sooner.

    pssst.. can suggest how to hide panda eyes tak?

  12. mystic, lucky you.

    Mrs B, you are right about the nagging feeling, the worrying is worse than the sleep deprivation. Baby has roseola. This is the 2nd time. I thought they will only get it once but the doc says its possible to have more than once.

    Twinsmom, I don't know if I know what you mean because you also don't know if you know what you mean ler.

    Hazel, Maybe use more concealer, compact powder and foundation under the eyes?

    Thanks all. Baby looks better now.

  13. MG, u r truly a wonderful mum. Wishing ur bbs a speedy recovery. It's so difficult when both the kiddos r ill. Experienced that (both used to wake up alternately crying in pain with earache)when my boys were younger & DH was with his ill father in the hospital (why does it normally happen when ur partner is away. It will get easier when they get older. Hugs to you.--A&A'S mom

  14. Hope Baby gets well soon. MG, do get lots of rests! {huggies}

  15. I know your feeling, cause i tried 3 of them sick together so it really a nightmare for me. I just keep weak up to pamper this one and that one in one hole day not even got shift wor lagi cham, so really scare they sick together.

  16. Jason, Me too!

    A&A's mom, Thanks. Btw, you can post as "Other" instead of Annon. When they prompt you to key in your name and web page just fill in A&A's mom under "name" as well as under "web page."

    Eileen, baby feeling better, so mind rested even if body not yet.

    Cherry, Haha. Don't be lah. Its not always like dat. There are many rewards and joyous moments.

    1+2mom, yah all sick together is a nightmare.

  17. I so many days cannot access your site. Just now go through PPS also got hanged. I think you banned me liao orh?

    Touch wood, I don't have these with Matthew. Anyway, my kids age gap are huge so I dunno what it is like to be in your shoes. Nightmarish..but temporarily. The good times will be here again. And ya, funny thing about babies is they will learn new skill after each time fell sick. My mom's theory. And I observe it to be quite true. New milestone follows. (like gostan crawl?)

  18. OIC! I wait and wait and wait for you until my neck oso long liao. Actually bb learned his new skill first this time but then he got sick so I blog terbalik liao.

  19. Hey..MG,
    I know how you feel.. been there.. and still doing it.. !! hahhaha!!! but i think i'm much luckier.. coz' hubby can be at home the whole day.. if my Chloe was fussy the nite before.. so i count my blessings.. ALOT..!!
    Hang in there..!!

  20. MrsT, so when going to have No2 or sked already? Hahaha.

  21. Hey..MG,
    not sked.. just too old lah.. i already 40 yer know..!! no spring chicken.. like my MIL said leh.. hehhehe!! ;)

  22. MrsT, "no spring chicken" same here!!!


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