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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Kids Craft: How to make a pop-up book

One of the ways to encourage children to learn is to make things interesting and exciting for them. You can teach them to make a simple pop-up book to learn their alphabets and spelling by having them write on it. Its really easy to do a pop-up book. Here is a pictorial step-by-step instruction of how to make a pop-up book.

First you fold a piece of paper in half.

Then you draw two lines in the middle of the fold.

Then you cut along the two lines to make a tab.

Finally you paste a picture on the tab and decorate or have your child write in his/her book.

As usual we made two. One for my girl and the other one for my boy. The first letter in the alphabet my boy learned to read and write is the letter "O" so thats what we made for him. We got my girl to write on his book.

"P" for Princess is of course for my princess. She chose the picture herself from one of my old magazines. We glued the picture on and she asked "How to spell princess, mummy?" Thats the best way to make them learn. By making it fun. :)

Homemade stuff especially those made by themselves are always more fun and valuable to them and its cheaper too.


  1. so creative lar you...cheap n easy n interesting...

  2. Channel,
    Not at all creative. You can find ideas everywhere, books, internet...:)


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