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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

List of Publishers for Educational Children's Books in Malaysia

I love to shop for books. At the moment, my current "love" is shopping for Educational Children's Books. When shopping for quality children's educational books, I think that the publisher is very important.

Here are some publishers of children's educational books that I know in the order of my favourties. Please note that I did not link to the homepage but rather deeper into the educational books that I shop for which is educational books for Primary School children. I also did not provide the full names but rather the shortened names for the publishers.
  1. Oxford Fajar
  2. Pearson Longman
  3. EPH Publishing
  4. PelangiBooks
  5. LeeBook
  6. Cerdik Publications
If you know of any other good publishers for children's books, please feel free to share by providing the website. Thanks.

Where do you like to shop? At physical bookshops or online bookshops like Peekabook.com.my


  1. With 2 school going children, the choice of books also differ from when they were young. Now seems like more reference books to story books. :)

  2. Thanks for shortlisting the publishers - very helpful.


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