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Friday, December 04, 2009

How to make a 3-D Christmas Tree for kids

The girl has been asking for a small Christmas tree to put on her table. Just as I have been asking the man for a big Christmas tree to put in the house. However, this year we have to put off the Christmas tree yet again due to other expenses.

So, we decided to make a Christmas tree as one of our holiday craft instead. We decided to make a 3-D Christmas tree.

I found this simple instruction on How to make a simple 3-dimensional Christmas Tree from Enchanted Learning. It is really really simple and it takes just minutes to set up the "tree".

However, this Paper Christmas tree, just like a real Christmas tree, requires further work on the decorations and trimmings to give it the extra oomph! We used stickers, glitter pens and recycled old party hat trimmings for our decorations.

Here are our completed trees. You should try out this Christmas Craft too. Its simple. Its fun. The kids love it.


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  2. easy one. i shall make one

    A smile from SJ =)

  3. very very nice, thanks for sharing. :)


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