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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seeing Stars!

The kids love to get stars as rewards. It is extremely motivational to them. They would do anything to collect those stars. "Can we do mummy's homework?" can be frequently heard. However, I ran out of ideas what to do once they have a number of stars. I used to give them little rewards after they reach a certain number of stars. We did all sorts of silly things. I would buy small stationaries or stickers then hold a lucky draw sessionfor them etc.

It is my own fault. With so much excitement, naturally they want to work for those stars. Daddy put a stop to it because he said it was becoming too much. They were starting to do things just for the sake of those stars. They even started giving me stars! "Mummy you have 10 stars because you are so nice to us today" or "Bad mommy, no more stars for you." So we stopped for a while because the star reward system had started to backfire.

However they did not forget the stars. Every now and then they would ask about them. Recently they did some work and when I marked them, I gave them some stars for good work. They recorded the stars and said they would like to start the star reward system again. So I told them ok since they were so enthusiastic about it but I said I would not be buying them anything new as rewards.

They agreed. They came up with a new idea. They said they would use the stars to "buy" things around the house that they like, usually extra stationaries and knick knacks that I keep in the cupboard. So now everyday, its "How many stars does this pencil cost, mummy?" etc while mummy would say "If you don't behave, I will take away your stars." which usually will get this reaction "Oh, no! I must make sure no stars get cancelled!" Bad mommy. ;)

Learn how to make Origami Stars. They are fun and easy to do plus these lucky stars or 3D stars have special meaning.

1 Star stands for love
2 Stars means love you very much
3 Stars means missing loved one
10 Stars represents need or want love
16 Stars means love to remember always or cannot forget
99 Stars stands for infinite Love
730 Stars means love only you
999 Stars represents Success

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  1. Yes it worked for me too :)

  2. Yes.that's a very good idea, however for me my two boys have outgrown this idea already lah...

    anyway, children love to be rewarded just like us adults too

  3. Lynn,
    It usually works like a charm for me but sometimes it gets a little overdone. Haha.

    Oh, then I better use it before they outgrow it!


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