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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Second Half Of First Term

The kids have started their second half of the first term at school. At last, I have settled into our new routine. The girl has settled into her new secondary school. She has selected her compulsory club, sports and uniform group memberships in school. We have finally settled in to the new times of schooling. Afternoon session school for the girl with days of going in early on co-curriculum days. Morning session for the boy and staying back when there are activities.

The girl has sat for her first term school exams before the school holidays while the boy will be sitting for his soon. 

We didn't go anywhere for the recent one week school holidays because dad was in hospital for that one week. Fortunately it was the school holidays so I could visit dad often. 

During the school holidays, the boy invited some of his friends over to do a school project together. It was not easy to coordinate and get everyone to come at the same time but in the end we managed it. So I got to play hostess to 3 boys and 1 girl plus my boy and girl and  hubs who was on leave and myself, that meant cooking for 8. I think I did ok. :)

The kids also sat for their Grade 5 Music Theory exams on the first day of the term break. After the exam they said "Yay! Freedom!" because they had been preparing very hard for it. I'm also really glad that it is over. 

It seems like our lives revolves around school, exams and activities. There is always something going on. The next thing on our calendar is the boy's term exam and his birthday. We are thinking of getting him a new badminton racquet and perhaps some minecraft books for him. I'm looking forward to his birthday but not the exams. :)


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