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Friday, July 31, 2015

Where Can I Find A Center In Petaling Jaya Where Mother Can Learn Together With Child?

This question has been asked frequently enough to warrant a blog post about it. Where can I find a place where I can learn at the same time as my child?

Quite often mothers neglect themselves because there is no one else around to help out. A mother may run around with her toddler, preschooler and school going kids to the supermarket, on her errands etc. The little ones, adorable though they may be are like super glue sticking by her side everywhere and anywhere. The mother has no choice. Even going to the clinic or the bank can sometimes turn into a family event and outing. So how does mother keep fit? Where will she find the time to go to an exercise class or learn something new, a new hobby or skill?

In Petaling Jaya, she can do so at Lara's Place Activity & Learning Center where they run simultaneous adult and child classes. Mummy can learn or keep fit while her child is learning something new in an enrichment class. No more hanging around listlessly looking at your watch or playing with candy crush while waiting for your child. Now you can learn too.

Lara's Place as featured on our website is an Activity and Learning Center for all ages and backgrounds to learn new skills or have fun with family. They have a multitude of courses and programs for all ages. Sewing, cooking, art, chess, music, dance, drama, and lots more. They also provide holiday programs for 3 yrs to teens during all school holidays. In addition, they host events which involve the entire family including grandma and grandpa. Me time or family time? It's your choice.


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