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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

How Many Days To UPSR 2015?

Hello mums and dads, it is only just slightly over 30 days more to the UPSR 2015 examinations, the final UPSR under the old KBSR syllabus. By now, the schools will be in full gear pushing the kids hard for the final leg of studying. This may include extra saturday classes, seminars etc. Kids may be given pep talks, positive motivation and more to rev them up for the exams.

Websites and Youtube Channels that offer free trial UPSR trial papers and tips will be very busy at this time of the year with downloads by anxious parents. Let us remember that the most important thing we can do for our kids at this time is to make sure they continue to get enough rest, exercise and nutrition. 

You may have received the UPSR 2015 timetable or you can download it from the moe website here: Jadual Waktu Peperiksaan Awam 2015 UPSR etc. Do note that pencil cases are not allowed in the examination hall so you may need to get see through ones or just tie up the pencils, erasers and ruler with a rubber band. 
Sometimes you can buy a whole set of stationery with exam grade erasers and pencils inside a see through pencil case. Popular supermarkets like AEON or bookshops like MPH, POPULAR etc. will have them. Remember to get your child to check with their teacher to see if the see through pencil case is allowed. Under rule 7.1 from the download link in this paragraph, it is stated that "calon dilarang membawa masuk bekas alat tulis". So please check with teacher.

Lastly, remember to calm down or your will stress up your child. May all parents and children be in good health.



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