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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

5 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Teens To SuperCamp

SuperCamp is back on 16-22 December 2015!

SuperCamp Malaysia is run by Quantum Education Group which is part of Taylor's Education group.

SuperCamp is is for kids aged 10-18. It has inspired over 70000 graduates from all over the world. It is a fully residential 7-day/6-night camp to be held at Nexus International School, Putrajaya.

Not sure what to do with your teen this school holidays? Send them for SuperCamp!

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Teens To SuperCamp

1. You Want Your Teen To Try A New Program And Learn New Skills

There are so many holiday camps these days but not many fully residential ones that allow your kids to be away learning full time in a fun and safe environment. SuperCamp focuses on two types of skills. Learning Skills and Living Skills. Besides equipping kids with learning skills, they will be taught essential life skills including leadership skills, goal setting, communication and problem solving skills.

2. You Want To Encourage Your Teen To Be Independent and Become More Confident

Being away from home for a week allows your teen to do just that. He will have to learn how to take care of himself and follow a program with his peers without having to refer to you every moment of the day or look to you for help. He will make new friends, learn to get along with others and work in a team together with his new friends during the 7 day camp. A typical day starts at 7 am and ends at 9 pm. The daily itenary includes academic activities, sports, dancing, reading, life and career skills activities and reflection.

3. Your Teen Does Not Know How To Study

Your teenager will be taught studying strategies, memory skills, note-taking and mind mapping. This will help him develop studying skills that will help him during exams. These skills will be useful to him for a very long time. Your teen will learn that studying is not only about rote learning and it does not have to be boring or stressful.

4. Your Teen Needs To Be Motivated To Become A Better Student

Motivation comes from within. You can't force your teen to be motivated to learn more at school. Experienced SuperCamp Facilitators and teachers will guide teenagers to break through their barriers and overcome their negative thoughts that hinder success. They will learn how to set goals for themselves to achieve better results in school and in life. This will raise their confidence and self-motivation.

5. You Want Your Teen To Have Some Fun During The School Holidays

There will be fun outdoor activities, team building exercises, dancing, cheering, sports activities and lots of teens having fun together while learning new skills both academic and living skills.

If you think your teen will benefit from SuperCamp, contact Quantum Education Sdn Bhd for more details at
Tel : +603 6203 0525; Fax : +603 6203 0878; Mobile : +6017 381 7099 or 

email camp@supercamp.com.my
 (Registration for this camp closes on 10th Dec 2015)

This post was brought to you by SuperCamp Malaysia


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