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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Exciting And Unique Holiday Workshops For Kids At Lara's Place

Lara's Place in SS2 looks like any normal centre from its facade but don't be fooled by its seemingly no frills look. This place is a hive of activities for families, kids of all ages and adults too. Established in 2008, this activity and learning centre has made quite a name for itself in the variety of programs it offers for families.

For example, when looking at their school holiday program schedule, your head may spin from the numerous choices available to you. That is why we are going to highlight only a couple of unique programs in this post.

We like the project management and team building workshops called the "LifeTime Program" available at Lara's Place this December 2015. There are two LifeTime Programs that are being offered.

1. LifeTime Program 1 - F&B Project
   Date: 1-4 December 2015 @ 1:30 pm - 5 pm  (December 4, 2015 Cafe Opening 5-6:30 pm)
   Age: 7-15 years
2. LifeTime Program 2 - Event Management - The Amazing Race Project
   Date: 15-18 December 2015 @ 1:30 pm – 5 pm (December 18, 2015 Amazing Race @ 5-6:30 pm)
   Age: 7-15 years
In program 1, kids will be required to design, plan, operate and manage a cafe. The program culminates with parents being invited to dine at the cafe on Cafe Opening Day. This activity includes so many living skills for children including working together as a team, art and design, money management, baking and cooking, brain storming, planning and much more. They also get to delight and feel pride in watching their work turn to fruition.

In program 2, kids have to come up with the idea of an "Amazing Race" and host it. This involves project management, public speaking and communication, conceptualizing and forward thinking, designing, research, team work, planning and of course being detailed and thorough from start to completion of the project is an important living skill they will learn along the way. The program concludes with parents and guests participating in the Amazing Race planned by the kids.

These skills are really important to kids because they have to manage a lot of school projects together with classmates these days. Projects that require team work, planning and presentation skills.

Below is a partial list of the programmes that are being run at Lara's Place this holidays. Some of the more unique ones include the Junior Authors, Science and Presentation, Story Cartooning, Dramatic Play for Juniors, Creative Drama, Magician's Workshop, Electronics, Simple Sewing and lots more.

Call Ms Haw Linn at 03 79568768 for more information and other unique holiday programs recommendations.


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