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Monday, December 07, 2015

BrainFit Smart Vision Program For Kids From 5 to 18 Years

In an earlier article, we wrote about the SMART™ Moves Program by BrainFit. Today, we will continue with our BrainFit series by sharing with you about the SMART™ Vision Program by BrainFit.

BrainFit Studio Malaysia runs a series of programs aimed at training a child's brain to function at its optimum level. This is how it is different from other enrichment programs. Based on neuroscientific principals, it focuses on improving the brain's networks that control general intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ).  

One of the networks that are trained is the visual network and that is where the SMARTTMVision program comes in.

The SMART™ Vision program is suitable for students from 5 to 18 years. The aim of the program is to enhance the student's visual fitness. This is done through a series of gym-based as well as table-top exercises and through computer aided visual activities. All of these exercises are personalized.

Boosting visual brain fitness will help a student in many areas within and outside the classroom resulting in better overall focus and attention. Learning speed and ability is enhanced leading to improved handwriting and copying as well as better performance in detailed work and visual subjects like Math and Geometry. 

Here's what one parent said about the SMART™ Vision program

“The changes in her after she completed the programs are remarkable. Her handwriting has improved dramatically. It is easier for her to focus at school and she even enjoys reading and Math now!” Nancy Fox, mother of 9-year-old Juliette Bouwman

More information can be found below:

Website: http://brainfitadvantage.com/
Facebook: BrainFit Studio Malaysia

Coming up next month: The SMART Listening™ program.


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