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Friday, December 04, 2015

Detective Science Camp For Kids December 2015

Gakken Classroom Detective Science Camp
Kids are naturally curious by nature. They are curious about how stuff works.  That's why kids learn so much better when conducting experiments. After all seeing is believing. Learning through experimenting is an excellent way to learn science especially for very young kids.

At Gakken Classroom Kelana Jaya, kids experience real science with hands-on science project kits from Japan. Each Gakken Science Experiment Class is an "Edutainment" program combining education and entertainment to make science more appealing and fun to children. The programs are based on Japanese syllabus. Gakken Classroom originated from Japan and has a 70-year track record in the field of education.
Kids conduct experiments in every class and are required to write a report about it afterwards making retention of learning even better. They even get to take home the Science Kits. 

You can let your child experience this "Edutainment" class this school holidays as Gakken is running 7 half-day workshops for kids. They get to play detective in this science holiday camp and learn all about finger printing technology and how solar cell works. Take home science kits are included in each program.

The fee is RM250 per child for the half day program. If you sign up in groups of two or more, you enjoy a group discount of RM100!

Click here for the Detective Science Camp Registration Form or contact 017-727 9228/017-592 8299 

Those interested in the regular classes can register and try out the 1 month free Math/Science trial classes. Gakken Classroom also conducts Math classes designed to help children develop their logical thinking and problem solving skills. 

Go here to register for your free trial class. Limited to 30 pax only. 

Gakken Classroom Free Trial Class Information
Gakken Classroom Schedule 

Math and Science Classes Offered at Gakken Classroom Kelana Jaya


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