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Thursday, February 22, 2018

How Coding Helps Kids and Teens Develop Self Learning Skills

Coding - What It Is and What Do You Learn in Coding?

In recent years, you may have noticed that countries all over the world are now giving more recognition and importance to coding in education. What is Coding and what do kids learn in coding? Coding is the language of communicating with computers to get it to run apps, games, websites and more. It is no longer a task reserved for software engineers like before. With new ways for teachers to teach and learners to learn programming, anyone can learn to code whether at age 6 or 60.

What Do Students Learn in Coding?

One of the top skills a child who learns coding will pick up is logical computational thinking. When you learn to think logically and break problems down into smaller components, you will develop natural problem-solving skills.

Coding encourages problem-solving and self-learning skills. Not only that, it also requires persistence, team work, creativity and good communication skills.

How Coding Helps Kids and Teens Develop Self Learning Skills

Below are the self-learning skills kids pick up during coding and why.

1. Problem Solving Skills - Computational Skills is the art of collecting and analysing data to understand a problem, then breaking it down into simpler problems, looking for patterns and removing details and finally defining the steps (the algorithm) to solve the problem. This is a very important skill to have for students, one which they can use in life, school and work in the future.

2. Persistence - When you code, you will come across challenges, some of which can be quite complex. Kids and teens will learn persistence to keep on trying till they find the solution and breakthrough to a problem or challenge they encounter. When breakthrough comes, the self satisfaction will motivate and drive them towards even more self-directed learning.

3. Creativity - Contrary to general perception, coding actually encourages creativity. When you learn a new language, which is what coding is, you learn a new way to express yourself. Kids and teens can imagine  how they want an app or game to work or how a website should look and then work towards that goal.

4. Team Work and Communication Skills - Many coding classes for kids and teens require them to work independently as well as in teams. By collaborating with others, kids will learn the importance of team work in getting things done. Collaboration can be face-to-face or online. Participation in team projects gets kids to work together in a shared interest in technology and improves their communication.

To top it all, coding is also fun! New to Coding? You can let your kid or teen try out a class. KidoCode @ Solaris offers free trial 3-hour trial classes for kids and teens from age 6 to 18. Book your trial class here.


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