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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

PT3 Sejarah Project 2018

The PT3 Sejarah Assignment for 2018 is out. Students have one month to complete this assignment starting from 2 May 2018 till 25 May 2018.

This year's question is as follows;

Anda dikehendaki membuat kajian tentang masyarakat di kawasan tempat tinggal anda.

Hasilkan satu laporan tentang masyarakat setempat yang panjangnya tidak kurang daripada 300 patah perkataan.

Tugasan anda hendaklah mengandungi aspek berikut :

(a) Tajuk kajian

(b) Nama penulis

(c) Isi kandungan

(i) Latar belakang tempat kajian
(ii) Pembentangan dan perkembangan masyarakat setempat
(iii) Kegiatan sosioekonomi masyarakat setempat
(iv) Menilai semangat perpaduan dalam kalangan masyarakat setempat
(v) Dengan merujuk kepada tempat tinggal anda, ulaskan pernyataan berikut

"..tinggallah dengan baik antara satu dengan lain kerana negeri ini adalah berlainan dengan mana-mana negeri yang ada di dunia ini.."

Petikan ucapan Tunku Abdul Rahman pada 3 Jun 1957 di Lapangan Terbang Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur.

(d) Rumusan

(e) Sumber rujukan

(f) Membentangkan laporan hasil kajian

Below are some resources for PT3 2018 students who are doing this project.

1. Tugasan Sejarah PT3 2018: Masyarakat Di Tempat Tinggal Anda - this is from a blog called Miss Balqis Ordinary Girl. The author puts up very good examples and reminds students not to copy and paste the answers. The sample answer given is comprehensive and covers every aspect of the project. Be prepared to scroll through several pages and blog posts to get through all the materials. Note that at the point of writing this post which is 2 May 2018, it appears that the example is still works in progress by the blogger so you can revisit the link when it is fully updated eventually.

2. Tugasan 2018 PT3 Sejarah - Kajian Masyarakat Di Tempat Tinggal Anda - From Andrew Choo.edu.my, you will find a printable pdf example for reference. The example given is Old Town, Petaling Jaya.

3. Contoh Jawapan Pt3 Sejarah 2018 : Kajian Masyarakat Setempat - This is an example answer from My PT3.com. You have to navigate through 12 - 13 pages to get all the parts but it is worthwhile to do so to have an idea how to do the assignment. The example given is Masyarakat Orang Asli di Kampung Peta.

4. Contoh Jawapan Tugasan Sejarah PT3 2018 Masyarakat Di Kawasan Tempat Tinggal Anda This is from a site called Gcarian.com. The example given is on Meru, Klang, Selangor.

Good luck to all students preparing for the papers. Remember not to copy and paste information and to follow all instructions given by your teachers. If you are unsure of anything, always ask your teacher.

To all parents who are supporting their kids in preparing for this, we hope that these links are useful for you. As far as possible, we have tried to eliminate all the copy and paste information online to prevent any duplication of information. We hope that by putting everything together, it will make it easier for you as a source of reference. Bookmark this page throughout this month of May 2018 to easily come back to find these resources.

If you wish to refer to past year references, you can read PT3 Sejarah 2017 Project Paper

This post is written specially for the members of our Facebook group: The Malaysia Secondary School Parents On Facebook



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