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Friday, September 04, 2015

Exam Day Tips For UPSR Students

This is part 2 of the earlier post by our guest writer Vathsala Subathiran on Tips On How To Study 4 Days
Before Your 2015 UPSR Exams

On the week of Exam

Now that you are done with your last minute revision for B.M and Maths, you should be more than ready and full of confidence to face you fear. This is what you should do for the rest of the week until your exam is over. Once again, these are merely suggestions based on my experience, and hence your discretion is appreciated.

Tips On How To Study 4 Days Before Your 2015 UPSR Exams

Note: This last minute exam tips were specifically written for students sitting for the 2015 UPSR examinations to help them prepare and countdown to the exams but they can be used as last minute preparation tips for students sitting for any exam.

This is a guest post by Vathsala Subathiran. Vathsala has been teaching home tuition for the past 5 years. Prior to becoming a full time home tutor, she was lecturing in a University for 15 years. She is a Master of Computer Science graduate from University of Malaya. She specializes in Computer Science and Networking and is starting PhD in Education next year at University of Malaya. You can read more about Vathsala on our Parent/Tutor Forum.

We would also like to thank Classroom Clipart for the school clipart used in this article.

An Inspiring Story For Mothers Who Want To Start Their Own Child Centered Business

Most of our posts are often about educational stuff for kids but what about parents? I guess we must not forget ourselves. As parents, we must first take care of ourselves well before we can look after others. SAHMs should not allow themselves to get into a rut while FTWMs should avoid getting stuck in a humdrum routine. If you want to be around your children yet do something productive, consider running a business that revolves around doing something with kids.

Perhaps you are teaching your child at home and then some of the parents of her other classmates requested you to teach their children as well. One thing can lead to another and soon you may even be running a private home tuition centre!

Today, I would like to share with you the story of two partners who did just that. They are from Hobby Hop In. Hobby Hop In is a learning centre in Bangsar. Classes run at the centre include phonics, reading, speech and drama and arts & crafts.

This is what one of the partners had to say

"My partner now was my son's art teacher. My neighbour was trying to get a group of kids together so she can come in and teach us. At the time my elder son was 3.5yrs old. A year later, there was a space for rent at my condo. She then asked me if I was interested to run it. Certainly .... Coz it was where we live. I do not need to drive. And I was beyond elated. Finally after years of flying and now I am able to do something else besides being a sham mum without a maid.

I grew up in a kindergarten as my Godma runs a kindy in Ipoh and I was one of the lucky ones that was introduced to phonics at 3yrs old. My Godma had early childhood education from the USA. Spending my life in a kindy meant that I was surrounded by children everyday. I still remember the time I was absent from school to help my Godma run her children's day at a park!

So it is only natural that now I am teaching phonics with my team and hobby hop in revolves around my children. My partner is a graphic designer and she teaches art part time. She has more than 10 years of experience in teaching art. Now that she has her own family, we are looking to open up another Hobby Hop In so that she can spend more time with her children. It will be a similar concept with Hobby Hop In, Bangsar"

Children doing a group activity at Hobby Hop In
So moms, SAHMs and FTWMs looking for a change. I hope this story inspires you. For SAHM, you do not have to be caught in a rut while FTWMs can consider doing something else they love. We can be there for our kids, while turning something that revolves around teaching, guiding and finding activities for them into a business. Many mothers have turned into homeschool teachers, tuition centre operators, car pool drivers, kids art and crafting expert and more.

Hobby Hop In which this post is about is in Bangsar. You can find them on Facebook Hobby Hop In or call 6016-6356469/+6016-3090092 to enquire about their programs. They also run thematic school holiday programs for kids besides their ongoing programs.

Free Printable - 55 Nilai Murni Translated From BM To English

Nilai Murni or Moral Values. I first came across this term when my child was in Standard Three during primary school. I thought that moral values or nilai murni was something that was only taught in moral lessons or pendidikan moral. However, Nilai Murni features heavily in the teaching of Bahasa Malaysia in our primary schools syllabus and carries on into secondary schools as well. In fact, there is a whole section on it in the UPSR paper 2.

At this point of writing, it is still included in the upcoming UPSR on 8 September 2015. However the format may change next year. Even then, although the format may be changed, you probably can't run away from learning Nilai Murni as part of the curriculum for Bahasa Malaysia in schools. It is very much a part of our syllabus. My form 1 girl still learns a lot of Nilai Murni in her school work.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Buying Toys For Siblings To Share

Siblings snatching iPad to Play Clash Of Clans
When you have more than one child, how do you make sure you are fair to all your children? How do you teach them to share?

Here are some tips for parents with more than one child when buying gifts for siblings to share. These tips were compiled from the sharing by parents of our Facebook group, The Malaysia Primary And Secondary Parents On Facebook Group.

  • Buy one toy only for siblings to share but take turns to make sure each sibling gets the new toy
  • Make sure the younger one does not always get recycled toys from the elder siblings
  • Buy gender specific toys and explain to siblings of the other gender that they too will have their turn
  • Buy toys only during special occasion like birthdays and Christmas when only one or all will receive
  • Sometimes buy toys to share, sometimes buy toys individually
  • Buy different toys for each, then get everyone to share and play together or exchange to play
  • Make sure every sibling gets the chance to feel special too when receiving toys
  • Buy toys according to age if  the age gap is wide
  • Buy a variety of toys and get everyone to share. There's no 'yours' or 'mine' but 'ours'

Discounts For Art Class & Speech and Drama Class

Dear readers and members of our website,

We would like to inform you that we have a new offer on our offers page. This offer is from Cozy Kidz House for their Crafty Art and Speech and Drama classes. Cozy Kidz House is an education centre located at Sri Petaling. 
Offer Details are as follows:

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Science Reference Books For SJKC

Recently someone asked this question in our Facebook Group. How do you teach your child Science in Chinese when you do not know Chinese? One way is through reference books especially one that is in a pictorial format. When teaching Science, we usually teach the kids the concepts in Chinese. Then we ask them to learn the basic and important vocabulary in Chinese. Pictorial reference books help a lot.

There are a couple of Science reference books by different publishers including Cemerlang, Gemilang and Malaya Press. These are all good publishers for local Malaysian educational books. Here we take a look at some of them.

BrainFit Studio Malaysia Grand Opening Soon At The Curve On 11 September 2015

If you have been listening to the radio or reading the Star newspaper's 9 August 2015 Business pullout on
SMEBiz highlights how Brainfit helps children learn faster and the article on Train The Brain, then you would have heard of BrainFit. BrainFit Studio is the latest child development centre to arrive at Malaysian shores.

Not an ordinary enrichment class, BrainFit's programs are based on key neuroscientific principals. Its programs aims to train a child's overall brain including the areas which control

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