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Friday, April 16, 2021

World Book Day 2021: The importance of reading for children


Did you know that this year, World Book Day falls on the 23rd of April? To kick off the celebrations, we wanted to share with you just a few reasons why we need to continue encouraging our kids to read!

First off, for younger children just beginning to learn a new language, reading helps them improve their listening, speaking, and writing skills too. All four of these skills are intricately wound together and if one of them is found to be lacking, the whole foundation would crumble. Not to mention, these four skills will continue to follow them throughout their entire life whether it be at school, work or even their daily life.

Reading also helps children develop their own sense of self and understanding of the world. Through reading how characters in stories act to achieve their goals, children will be able to feel a kinship to these characters and mould their own attitudes and behaviours to what they feel comfortable with.

Here at the British Council we try to encourage our students to read as much as possible both inside and outside of the classroom. Just last year, before we went into our first Covid-19 related lockdown, we managed to kick off our annual reading challenge for our students. Each student was encouraged to read at least six books, which they can select themselves from our Reading Corner and upon completing the challenge, not only did they receive a special certificate but also the experience of going on six different adventures!

While we haven’t been able to continue our reading challenge this year due to safety precautions, we have been able to continue enriching our students experience in other ways through poetry, storytelling and presentation competitions which are all still closely related to the reading skill.

If you’re interested to find out whether your child would enjoy studying with us and participating in our activities, why not try out one of our classes for free! Just register your interest here and our team of consultants will be more than happy to make the arrangements for you.

This is a guest post from British Council Malaysia.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

What learning English looks like for your child in 2021


Geoff Taylor, the Head of Young Learners at the British Council in Malaysia, shares your views on your children learning English and their broader education in Malaysia:

At the end of last year, we asked a group of Mumsgather readers to complete a survey about their child’s education and their experiences in learning English. The results were fascinating, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to share them with you.

As a British national who has lived in Asia for around 15 years, the first thing that struck me when I arrived in Malaysia was that everywhere I went I heard people speaking English. This is very different to places I have lived previously, such as Vietnam or the Czech Republic. This is also reflected in the survey results with an overwhelming number of parents saying that English is their child’s main language. However, despite saying that their child is fluent in English, they also stated that their child still has significant room for improvement in their English ability. English may be their child’s main language, but they still feel they have yet to fully master it.

Reading English books or watching English TV series and films were listed as being the main ways in which Malaysian children improve their English. In addition to English, parents expressed an interest in their children studying more topics such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), and stated they were particularly interested in developing their critical thinking ability. Parents of 7-9 year olds also listed public speaking classes as something they felt would benefit their child. These areas are increasingly important in today’s global societies as we move away from the industrial age, with its foundation in hard skills, and embrace the digital age, where soft skills are increasingly vital.

According to the survey results, parents felt that getting the right teacher was crucial to their children’s education. For younger children the personality of the teacher was most important. Teachers working with younger students must genuinely love children and have a real passion and tremendous enthusiasm for what they do. For teenagers, the teacher’s expertise in the subject area was identified as being more significant.

When choosing between academic results on the one hand, and soft skills (such as communication and problem-solving) on the other, all parents chose soft skills. Again, this reflects the changing world. Obviously, our children still need to do well at school, but good academic qualifications are no longer enough to guarantee a successful future. Flexible individuals who can find creative solutions to challenges and work well with others are increasingly valued. When we consider how the world is changing, and the new global challenges we all face, is not surprising to see this strongly reflected in the survey results.

The questions parents ask about their child’s education are, in order of priority, as follows:

1. Will your child’s intellectual ability, perseverance, creativity, and other personality traits be developed?

2. Will your child’s communication skills improve?

3. Are the teachers of high quality?

4. Is the learning environment safe, supportive, and positive?

Surprisingly, it was only with teenagers that concerns about affordability and price are mentioned.

In general, what was most noticeable from the survey was that although for many children in Malaysia English is their main language, parents believe that they have a long way to go before they can be said to have completely mastered the language. Likewise, the shift from a traditional academic focus to developing core skills for life, such as communication or problem-solving ability, and even personality traits such as resilience and perseverance, reflects changes taking place in education across the globe. The British Council is proud to have been working in Malaysia for over 75 years, and we take great pleasure in doing everything we can to help Malaysian children prepare for the world of the future. Find out more about what the British Council does here

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

BenQ Shopee Mall Grand Launch Celebration Deals

In our previous post, we wrote about BenQ Eye-Care Monitor for home based learning

BenQ is now on Shopee Mall. Recently BenQ launched its official flagship store on Shopee Mall. Now you can get BenQ monitors and other BenQ products online from Shopee Mall. 

Below are some of the exciting deals during the launch period from 8th to 31st March 2021.

BenQ Shopee Mall Grand Launch Celebration Deals

- Follow BenQ Malaysia store on Shopee Mall to get vouchers when you purchase

- Get 10% Shopee coin cashback for every order during this period

- Bonus RM10 Grab Food voucher for product reviews made during launch period

Terms and conditions apply

About BenQ

BenQ stands for "Bringing Enjoyment 'N' Quality to Life". The BenQ brand aims to bring products that impact the enjoyment and quality of life in all areas including lifestyle, business, healthcare and education. Products are designed after taking into account the views of  business professionals, families, doctors and patients, teachers, and even gamers. 

BenQ uses design and technology to bring enjoyment to people's lives , to improve the quality of their lives and help them achieve their goals with products that fit people's ever-changing lifestyle and needs

Find out more about how BenQ products currently meet the needs of students who have to study online at home whether it is school based learning, online extra-curricular classes or real-time on-screen tuition. Find our more about the best BenQ eye-care monitor for home based learning to get the best lifestyle monitors for the needs of students today. Don't forget to take advantage of the BenQ Shopee Mall Grand Launch Celebration Deals from 8 - 31 March 2021.

The images below is to show you that BenQ monitor different models come with different usage.

There are plenty of fun things to do at home, Playing Games and work from home is definitely on top of the list.  BenQ Monitors is perfect for personal entertainment and usage.

Choose the right monitor for yourself today and Stay Safe!

This post was brought to you by BenQ Malaysia.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

BenQ Eye-Care Monitor For Home Based Learning

Working from home and online learning from home has become our new norm. As we try to adapt to these new changes, we are faced with new challenges. To make working from home or studying from home comfortable and workable, we need the right gadgets!

Challenges faced during online learning at home

  • long hours online is tiring for students
  • not sure of which gadget to use - smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop?
  • not enough gadgets to share between siblings and parents
  • no proper study place
  • not enough data or internet line is not stable
  • no webcam or proper speaker
  • teacher's are not used to teaching online
  • students are not disciplined to stay throughout the lesson or participate during lessons
  • students chatting or playing games online during lessons
We could go on and on with the list of challenges. While some of them may take some time to get used to or be resolved, some can easily be resolved with the proper equipment and hardware. Let's start taking care of our children during online home based learning with the right gadgets. 

Not only do we need to support their homework and learning by making sure they understand what is being taught, when they have to submit assignments and making sure they do it, we also have to take care of their eyes, their posture, their sleep etc in order to reduce fatigue, tiredness, eye irritation or eye strain during long hours of online learning. We can do this by investing in a good monitor like the BenQ Eye-Care Monitor.

Top 3 reasons why the BenQ Eye-Care Monitor will help in home based learning

 1. The BenQ GW2480T & GW2780T Eye-Care Monitor can be easily connected to laptops, tablets and smart phones as external display. It comes with built in speakers.

Children do not have to squint their eyes over small smart phones or tablets as the monitor is available in 24 inch or 27 inch variants, making it comfortable for students. The monitor can be placed on a study or work desk. This encourages students to have good study habits by working from a study desk instead of walking about, sitting on the sofa with other distractions or worse still lying in bed! 

BenQ GW2480T & GW2780T come with D-Sub x1 , HDMI 1.4 x 1 , Display Port x1 connectivity, you do not have to invest in another desktop as you can use your existing laptop or tablet(adapter needed) to plug into the monitor.

2. The BenQ Eye-Care Monitor is height adjustable

Parents, kids, siblings can take turns using the monitor with no issues as the monitor is height adjustable for each individual. Not only are you able to move it up and down, you can tilt, pivot or swivel it for your viewing comfort. This reduces the need to hunch or bend over or raise your head which can be very tiring for long hours of lessons.

3. The BenQ Eye-Care Monitor takes care of your eyes

Here's how the BenQ Eye-Care Monitor takes care of your eyes

Zero Flicker - it is flicker free thus reducing pressure on the eyes as well as eye fatigue from looking at a screen for a long time.

Low Blue Light - it filters out blue light. Blue light is harmful to eyes. When we use a monitor to attend online lessons or do homework for hours daily, strong blue screen light enters our eyes, which could lead to eye-related problems. In addition, blue light can suppress the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, resulting in sleep disorders.

Brightness Intelligence features- Brightness Intelligence sensor will automatically adjust the brightness according to your surroundings. Screen light may cause fatigue to our eyes without us noticing. Many of us do not adjust our monitors manually each day according to daylight, evening or night light, thus increasing the risk of having a too bright or too dark monitor, both are not ideal for our eye health. With this auto brightness adjustment feature, we can be ensured of an optimum brightness every time. 

Color Weakness Features - it has a color weakness mode with red filter and green filter for red and green color deficiency. Did you know that people with color weakness can decipher pie charts, statistics and pictures better with color filters? Students are required to look at charts, figures and pictures a lot during lessons. This will help them view them better.

Learn More
Where to buy?

Support your child with e-learning by providing them with the right tools.

This post was brought to you by BenQ Malaysia.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Back to School March/April 2021. Are you ready?

 The Ministry of Education Malaysia today announced back to school dates for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, private schools, international schools, colleges and more. 

For the purpose of this post, we will only touch on preschool, primary and secondary, leaving higher education out. 

 Kindergarden and primary 1 and 2 will be the first batch to return to school on 1st March 2021. According to the ministry this is to allow this batch of students to return to school first to get used to the school SOP. It's true that this batch of students have had very little time in school last year or not at all this year so they will need some time to orientate to real school environment. Are parents and students ready? There are mixed feelings, furthermore some just received new timetables for longer hours of online learning just one or two days ago.

Following this batch, students from standard 3,4,5 and 6 will return to school on 8th March 2021.

Private school students will follow the same schedule as the above whilst International school students will start on 8th March 2021.

Tuition centres are allowed to operate with effect from 8th March 2021 as well.

As for Secondary school students, all secondary students will return to school on 4th or 5th April, 2021. (depending on which state they are in). 4th April for Group A schools and 5th April for Group B schools.

Group A schools are schools in  Kedah, Johor, Kelantan and Terengganu
Group B schools are schools in Perlis, Pulau Pinang, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Pahang, Sabah, Sarawak, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Labuan & Putrajaya

The reason why secondary school will be starting later is because of SPM 2020 which will be starting on 22 February 2021 till 25 March 2021. It is to allow the students to sit for the exams without interruption or disruption. They will also need to use the classrooms.

So why not start after 25 March 2021? According to the Malaysian school calendar, the first term holidays starts on 26/27 March and ends on 3/4 April 2021. Hence secondary school students will only return to school after the completion of the first term school holidays. 

These dates will apply to the whole nation irrespective of whether the state is currently under MCO/CMCO/RMCO.

So, are you ready for back to school in March/April 2021?

Thursday, February 18, 2021

What makes a British Council English course the right choice for your child


At the British Council, we prioritise instilling life skills, such as communication and problem-solving skills, in your child rather than just teaching them to speak English like a native. This should come naturally to them once they have the basics locked down and their confidence improved after working through our proven materials and delivery.

Our combination of expert teachers and optimised class environment ensures that your child has plenty of opportunities to practise speaking English. Through pair work and small group discussions within their class of 10 students, your child will work on tasks that focuses on real-world topics which will surely pique their interests.

Once they are out of the classroom, the learning does not end there. Our secure online platform extends the learning experience for your child with weekly tasks set by their teacher that they can complete on their own in preparation for their next session with us. Through the online platform, parents are also able to track and monitor their child’s progress to see just how much they have improved over time.

Don’t just take our word for it – let your child experience one of our classes for themselves to see if they would enjoy studying with us! Book a free trial class today! 

If your child has attended one of our trial classes in the past and loved it, don’t miss the registration period for our April 2021 intake. Class capacity is limited due to our SOPs, so find a suitable course for them and register today!

This is a guest post by British Council Malaysia. 

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Limited time offer: Sign up for a free online English class with the British Council!

With another Movement Control Order (MCO) underway in various states across Malaysia, we are sure that parents are hard at work to ensure that their child does not get left behind in their education as compared to their peers locally as well as globally.

At the British Council, we are here to support you in your child’s English language development. Whether our classes are held in-person or online, we strive to ensure that your child gets the best learning experience either way.

Here are some comments that parents have left us with regarding our online classes:

If you’re interested in enrolling your child for one of our courses but not quite sure if online is a suitable medium for them, contact us for a free trial class today! We have classes available for those between the ages of 5 to 17 so don’t miss out on a chance for your child to learn with us!

This is a guest post by British Council Malaysia. 


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Online Tuition for BM, English, Maths and Science for Primary School Students

The year 2021 will be remembered as the year school starts off with homebased online learning instead of face to face learning. While this may pose some challenges, it is also the new way which we must embrace. We should not let the pandemic hinder our child's education. Life goes on with a new normal, education must continue. 

Some parents are worried that online lessons delivered to young children to a big online audience may have a lesser impact than face to face lessons and smaller classes. Hence online tuition may be the right solution now.

Benefits of Online Tuition

- you can attend online tuition from the safety of your home

- you can attend online tuition from other states. eg you are in Penang but you can choose a centre in Klang Valley for your online tuition

- classes are smaller so there is more attention per student from teacher

- can help to fill up gaps in learning so that your child can more easily catch up when they return to school based learning

- gives children a more structured approach and a more disciplined schedule to do studying and revision at home

- usually in smaller groups, there will be higher chance of interaction between teacher and student

This post was brought to you by Cozy Kidz House 

Since March 2020, Cozy Kidz House have shifted their tuition lessons online. Classes are in small groups of average 6 per class so that students can receive individual attention. Lessons are taught by dedicated and experienced teachers determined to deliver lessons in a fun and interactive way to students from different age groups.

Online Tuition by Cozy Kidz House

Level: National Primary (Std 1-6) and International (Primary Year 1-6)
Subjects available: BM, English, Maths and Science 
Class Size: Average of 6 students per class
Method of delivery: Notes are simplified and the teacher will explain during online classes with the support of PPT slides. Assignment or class work will be sent to google classroom. With this teacher can monitor the progress of the students.
Progress Report/Evaluation: Quarterly assessments and a progress report will be sent to parents
Fee: RM100 per subject or RM280 for 4 classes

Dear readers and members of our parenting groups:

Screenshot this post and whatsapp a message to 012-2868 779 to register and receive a 50% discount for one term (3 months) 

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