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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Websites That Teach Kids How To Code

It is interesting to note that coding may be introduced in Malaysia's school curriculum next year and details may be out as early as August. Parents who wish to introduce their children to coding can do so on some of the following websites that teach kids how to code.
Code Monster
  1. Code Monster - Code Monster is a tutorial that teaches kids how to code for free. There are 50 short lessons in all. The screen is split in the middle and kids can explore by coding on the left and seeing the results on the right. Very cool and easy to follow.
  2. Tynker - Tynker offers interactive coding courses for kids on a subscription based platform. However, you can also access Tynker Free Play to test out some of the free coding activities for kids.
  3. Code.org - Code.org is a non-profit organization that aims to encourage people to learn computer science. Learn an hour of code or go to the Code Studio for 20 hour courses. The hour of code lets kids explore coding with famous characters from Star Wars, Frozen or Minecraft.
Here's a video from Code.org. In this video Jens Bergensten, the lead designer and developer of Minecraft, introduces the basics of computer science and how to programme your own  game with Steve and Alex, characters from Minecraft.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Free Printable Times Tables Awards Certificate

There are many ways to learn for your child to learn multiplication tables but whichever way you use to teach, one thing is clear. It is important for your child to feel a sense of achievement. It's just like games. All children like to level up in a game.

Similarly, to encourage your child to level up in his mastery of the times tables. Whether he chants it, sings it, writes it or learn the times tables using some special method you found on YouTube, you can use this free printable times tables awards certificate to encourage him.

The name has been left blank so you can fill in your child's name. There's also a space for date and your signature as the issuer of the certificate of award and a space for you to fill in the number for the level of times tables he has mastered.

Login our website now to download and print this free printable times tables award certificate.

Discount Voucher For 3D Design Class From Crafty Minds

Dear Members,

We write to inform you of a special discount for all members of Mumsgather Finds and members in all the FB groups under our platform currently available from Crafty Minds.

You can find this new offer on our Members Only Offers Page. Details of the offer are as follows:

Total Voucher value = RM100 comprising of

One (1) Free 3D Introduction class worth RM30
One (1) Free 3D printed artwork worth RM10
Another Two (2) discount vouchers worth of RM30 each for any programme (only 1 voucher per redemption)

Valid period = 6 months
*Terms and Conditions Apply

Issuer = Crafty Minds at 11-2, Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

How To Redeem

Login to the Offers Page. Complete and print out voucher form and present printed copy or show on your mobile

About the 3D Introduction Course

This workshop teaches a fundamental approach to designing with 3D visualization skills. Kids learn to transform their ideas from sketches(2D) to 3D models via 3D Design computer software. 
They will learn
  • How to identify basic 2D & 3D shapes and their names
  • Visualization skills required to transform 2D to 3D using 3D software
  • Basic knowledge of 3D Printing

Note: International School Students looking for Summer School Holiday Workshops call +603-90542033 / Watsapp +6011-1235 8898 or visit Crafty Minds FB page for details on school holiday programmes for July/August 2016.

Friday, July 15, 2016

To Pokemon Go Or No - What Should Parents Do?

Image Credit: Pokemon Go website
Pokemon Go has hit the world by storm and parents will be faced with the dilemma of whether to allow their kids to play. Some may even allow it without knowing what the game is all about.

As parents living in the 21st century, I think we should be aware of new games like this and talk about them with our children. Here's some reading material for parents on Pokemon Go.

1. How To Play Pokemon Go (So you understand the game better)
2. Should You Let Your Kids Play Pokemon Go

Here is the Pokemon Go Trailer so you have an idea what the game is all about.

Pokemon Go Related Accidents

There have been reports of highway car crashes, people falling off cliffs, stabbings and other Pokemon Go Accidents due to the new Pokemon Go mania. Why? This is because the game is distracting, addicting and uses geo tracking.

What Parents Should Know
  • The game uses geo tracking so other gamers may know your child's location and use this to lure children to secluded locations
  • The game is based on augmented reality in real life situations. It combines the virtual world and the real world on the screen of your smartphone. While this may be a lot of fun, it is also very distracting because your child has to keep on looking at his phone to spot Pokemon in actual real life locations so he can "catch" the Pokemon characters and train him
  • Your child may be playing with strangers and as he plays he forgets all you have taught him about stranger danger lessons 
  • You will need a data plan to play
What Parents Should Do
  • Educate and inform your child. This is going to be big. It is better that your child hears it from you rather than his friends 
  • You can play together as a family if your child is young
  • For older children, if you choose not to ban the game (banning may be hard given the huge phenomenon it has become immediately after release everywhere in the world), you must teach them how to play safely and set limits for game playing time
Parents be informed. Know what your child is playing and set a good example. Parents playing the game should not be overly engrossed or addicted to it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What's On At Books Kinokuniya Malaysia Webstore

One of the ways of shopping smart online is through clever and focused browsing and that includes shopping for books online. 

You should zoom in to offers, promos and discounts available to help you save when shopping online.

Let's take Books Kinokuniya Malaysia webstore for example. Did you know that there is a "What's On" tab at the webstore? When you navigate to the webstore, you can find it at the top of the right sidebar. 

Once you go to the What's On Page, you will be able to see all the highlights, promotions, events, new releases and other spotlights for current and ongoing offers. 

Highlights is rather like the front display at a physical bookstore. This will show you all the latest books with a synopsis and grouping of books together for your easy browsing.

Promotions show you the current offers for the month. This is really good to browse through for discounts on books. The same thing goes for New Releases. You will get 15% off selected titles for English, Chinese and Japanese books. New Releases are updated weekly. This is an excellent way to look for new titles.

So what's on at Books Kinokuniya Malaysia Webstore in July? We did a little browsing and found the following notable links for parents and kids this month.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Not Another Parenting Facebook Group For Malaysian Parents?

We have added a new dimension to our umbrella of Facebook groups and no, it is not another parenting Facebook group for Malaysian parents. I think we have enough parenting groups. This group is not about how to parent your kids but it is about taking care of yourself. We can only take care of our family if we take care of ourselves well. Putting yourself first at times, is not being selfish. It is necessary for your own well being. A happy mom or dad leads to a happy family.

Come and join all the other happy mom and dads (errr at the moment just moms cause moms always lead the way) for light hearted banter and fun to lighten our days.

About the group: This is a happy place for us to practice positive thinking and mingle with like minded individuals. A place for us to banter, laugh and exchange ideas on how to take care of ourselves.
In order to take care of our families and that includes not only kids but siblings, parents and grandparents, we must first take care of ourselves. Taking care of ourselves is not being selfish.
We're going to be discussing things like How to get more "me time": What Korean drama to watch now, housekeeping hacks or tools that make our lives easier; relationship tips; losing weight after kids; and anything else about "you" rather than "the kids" including what we do during our spare time, what good series is on TV, where to eat, what to buy, how we feel as stay at home mum or career mum, how to take care of ourselves, household problem or home organization tips,
The main thing is NO RANTING ALLOWED! Let's be happy together.
Join us today on Facebook at Happy Mom Happy Dad

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Singapore Math Academy Opens Two New Centres in Klang Valley

About Singapore Math Academy

Singapore Math Academy is a collaboration of a few Education Partners in different locations since 2015 in order to bring Singapore Math to more students.

It is founded by Brenda Ang, a MBA graduate in Business Administration, Certified Early Childhood Educator and mother to two girls. She has homeschooled her daughters in Singapore Math and Science since 5 years old and has 15 years experience in teaching preschoolers and primary students in kindergarten and group settings.

Singapore Math Curriculum

Singapore Math Academy uses a complete curriculum with supporting textbooks, workbooks and tools to help children from kindergarten to Form 3. All materials are based on Singapore Curriculum approved by Ministry of Education in Singapore.

The programme is relevant for preschool, primary and secondary school students and will help in answering KBAT (Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi) or HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills) types of questions as the Singapore Math.

Students frequently participate in International Math Competitions.

Certified Trainers

Singapore Math Academy teachers are officially trained and certified by Dr Yeap Ban Har, who is the principal of the Marshall Cavendish Institute and Director of Curriculum and Professional Development at Pathlight School. He also works with the Curriculum Planning and Development Division of the Ministry of Education in Singapore.

Singapore Math Academy is currently in the following locations:

  • Kota Damansara
  • Sri Petaling
  • Tropicana Avenue (New)
  • Kelana Jaya (New)
  • Ipoh 
  • Penang

New Center Opening Promo

In conjunction with the new centers opening in Tropicana Avenue and Kelana Jaya as shown below, Singapore Math Academy is waiving the registration fee worth RM50 (with Free Backpack + Math Journal) at these two centres. This offer is valid from 1st to 31st July 2016.

Call ​018-783 0789 (Kelana Jaya)/017-362 5505 (Tropicana Avenue)
or email sporemathacademy@gmail.com for a free assessment today
Facebook: Singapore Math Academy

Baju Raya Shopping For Kids 2016 At Sunway Pyramid

The tagline for our website Mumsgather Finds is "The One Stop Parenting Centre" and that is what we have been doing. We've put together enrichment courses, school holiday programmes, family friendly products, promotions and offers for parents all on one page for busy parents. 

With Hari Raya just around the corner, today we are featuring a last minute shopping guide for parents in our post on Baju Raya Shopping For Kids 2016 at Sunway Pyramid. We hope that this will serve you as a quick one-stop guide. 

Festive shopping can be so much fun but it can also be tiring for the kids. The novelty wears off quickly after rounds of queuing up and trying new clothes in crowded fitting rooms. That is why we have put together this shopping guide for busy parents with kids in tow. You can check out this post before you go shopping. It will save you plenty of time. Save this post in your favorites so you can refer to it on your mobile when you shop.

Let's go window shopping at a few outlets selling kids clothing in Sunway Pyramid!

1. Butik Rimba at LG2.106 has a wonderful collection of pretty kebayas for little girls. The designs are intricate with lovely lace, embroidery and batik sarongs just like mummy's. This collection gives the "mini me" look for little girls who want to look just like mummy. The collection shown below are from RM69 to RM179. Clothing are for girls aged 1 to 16.

2. Cotton on Kids at LG1.131 has lots of colourful t shirts and shorts as well as sweet sundresses for little girls, just right for our hot weather right now. We especially like the fluffy tutu dresses. The boys will look smart in colourful tees and checkered shirts. If checks are not your style, try the navy blue sailor print shirt and matching tee at RM54 & RM69. Cotton On Outfits are suitable for babies till 8 years old. 

3. Poney & Poney Enfants at LG1.70 have outfits for children from newborn to 12 years old. For the girls, you can choose pretty dresses in earth tones (the paisley pattern dress shown below is RM139 while the embroidered collar detail dress is RM159) or bright red and blue mix and match outfits.  For the boys, we like the leaves design shirt (RM119) and the ensemble of white shirt and smart navy blue cardigan (RM169 & RM199) with long pants (RM199)

 4. KIKO & Baby at LG1.125 has unique designs for boys and girls. The girls have nice floral dresses with an unusual mix in fabrics. The boys too. We like how the boys shirts are a clever mix of plain fabrics with checks and even polka dots. Prices for the designs shown below are RM139 for the lace top and floral bottom dress, RM83 for the purple dress with flower embroidery detail, RM129 for the long sleeved blue floral dress, RM89 for the green floral dress with frills while the shirts for the boys shown below are RM129 each. KIKO & Baby designs are suitable for children from babies to 14 years.

5. Zara Kids at LG1.11 has very trendy apparels for kids with cool looking jackets for both boys and girls. Check out the Zara Leather Effect Jacket (RM159.90), blue striped Tee (RM35.90) and skinny jeans (RM79.90 for boys) and the Zara Quilted Jacket (RM129.90) and Tulle Dress with stars (RM79.90). Clothing range at Zara Kids are for ages 0 to 14 years old.

Here is a quick list of the outlets selling children's attire at Sunway Pyramid. Save this list for your future reference. Happy Shopping and Selamat Hari Raya!
  1. Butik Rimba (LG2.106)
  2. Cotton On Kids (LG1.131)
  3. KIKO & Baby (LG1.125)
  4. Uniqlo Kids (LG1.67)
  5. H&M Kids (OB5.G.1)
  6. Poney & Poney Enfants (LG1.70)
  7. Up-To-Eight (LG2.08)
  8. Mango Kids (G.18)
  9. Zara Kids (LG1.11)

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