Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New School Year Resolutions

In another 3 days, school will be over for 2014. Time flies. Next year will be full of changes for us with one going to secondary school in the afternoon session and another promoted to a higher class in Std 5 which translates to more work and pressure from teachers.

Just as we make resolutions for the new year, I think it is a good idea to make new resolutions for the new school year. So for next year 2015, my new school year resolutions are...

For the girl:

  1. To encourage her to continue to do well in her studies. It makes her feel proud of herself which increases her confidence
  2. To help her foster meaningful friendships. She has been unfortunate to be the subject of bullying and being shun by peers for most of her primary school years from Std 3 to Std 6. This has damaging effects on her self esteem and self worth. She feels sad most of the time, says sorry and hopes everyone will forgive her and be friends with her again even though she did not do anything wrong. Being shun by a few who encourage others to avoid her made her into a loner which then makes her an even easier target for bullying. It pains me to see her affected like that. I will try my best to get her out of this. I don't know why they started to pick on her in the first place but it has an escalating effect with everyone joining in the "fun" of socially excluding her from everything. Despite several attempts by the teacher to stop this, it only stops for a while and then they are back at it again.
  3. Help her improve her English now that she is out of Chinese school and less focused on Chinese subject. 
  4. Teach her to be more well mannered at home.
  5. Encourage her to smile more.
  6. Allow her to develop in other areas eg, her piano etc
For the boy:
  1. Help him improve his Chinese so he can catch up with all his subjects
  2. Remind him not to be sloppy in everything that he does
  3. Teach him to be more mindful and less forgetful
  4. Remind him to eat well and choose nutritious food over junk food
  5. Make sure he stays happy always like he is
I hope our New School Resolutions come true. Will come back in a year to see if there has been improvement in these areas.

These are my New School Resolutions for my children. What are yours? If you haven't made any before, now is a good time to take stock and think about what you would like for them in the coming school year. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

How Do You Make Sure Your School Going Kids Eat Healthy Foods During Recess

It is easy for us to serve our kids wholesome meals at home. We just have to prepare them. However, once they start school, how do we make sure they eat the right kinds of food during recess or meal breaks at school. How do we make sure they even eat at all! I've seen kids eat nothing accept junk food during meal breaks. By junk food, I mean crispy crackers that are full of msg and are of no nutritional value at all. Some of the kids skip the recess altogether to play with their friends. Mine would skip a meal or two because they had to stay in class to do extra work!

Some of these kids that skip meals or eat unhealthily have parents that pack nutritious meals for them. In addition, they may be given pocket money to buy something they like. In my opinion, if you are packing food for your child, there is no need to give them extra money just in case. This encourages bad habit of not finishing the packed food from home. 

Some parents prepare beautiful bento meals. However, not all of us have the time to prepare those sorts of meals. So how do you make sure your school going kids eat healthy foods during recess? Going to school and sitting next to him to make sure he eats is not the answer. Education is. Teach them and repeat yourself often.

Tips On Teaching Your Child About The Importance Of Eating And Choosing Healthy Foods
  1. Talk to your kids about the importance of food and eating
  2. Explain to your children about the different kinds of food and how it helps their growth
  3. Teach them to pick the right kinds of food when buying food or when you eat out together
  4. Practice healthy eating at home
  5. Eat healthily yourself
  6. Allow some snacks from time to time (Don't limit altogether because forbidden food is always sweeter. Your child may be attracted to the snack foods his friends are eating. You can allow it once a week or a small amount but explain that he must not indulge because it is not good for his health)
  7. Ask your child what he/she is eating often and whether he ate at all. If you do not ask, you will not know.
  8. Teach them to enjoy fruits. It is the best snack and and an easy to pack recess food
Here is an excellent video for you to start. Watch this together with your child. It will help you to do steps 1 and 2 above ie explaining to your child why and what we should eat to be healthy. Video Link: Planning For Good Eating.

Free Printable December 2014 Calendar For Kids - Santa, Christmas Tree, Gingerbread men, Ornaments and More

A while ago, I did some free printable December 2014 calendar for kids in Snowmen Design. I promised that I would be doing some more printable December 2014 calendars in other designs so here they are.

You can download and print these pdf file calendars for children to help them look forward to the holidays. December 25, 2014 has been marked on all the calendars with a special sticker.

Initially I did all these calendars for 2015! Don't know what I was thinking. So I had to redo them all for 2014. Never mind, this means you can come back in 2015 to print another design.

December 2014 Calendar (Christmas Tree)
December 2014 Calendar (Christmas Tree)

Download Link For Free Printable December 2014 Calendar For Kids (Christmas Tree Design)

December 2014 Calendar (Santa)
December 2014 Calendar (Santa)
Download Link For Free Printable December 2014 Calendar For Kids (Santa Claus Design)

December 2014 Calendar (Christmas Ornaments)
December 2014 Calendar (Christmas Ornaments)

Download Link For Free Printable December 2014 Calendar For Kids (Christmas Ornaments Design)

December 2014 Calendar (Christmas Stockings)

Download Link For Free Printable December 2014 Calendar For Kids (Christmas Stockings Design)

Go here for the Snowmen Design Calendar For Kids For December 2014

Pin if you downloaded any of these December 2014 calendars or pin to share to a friend on pinterest. Thank you.

Free Printable December 2014 Calendar For Kids
Free Printable December 2014 Calendar For Kids

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Teaching Preteens And Teens About Facebook And Internet Safety

Teaching Preteens And Teens About Facebook And  Internet Safety
Teaching Preteens And Teens About Facebook And  Internet Safety
I am currently facing this challenge right now so I will be blogging about some of these related topics in my coming posts. This one is about teaching preteens and teens about Facebook and Internet Safety.

Firstly, I find this article on Top 10 Tips For Parents - Getting Started On Facebook Monitoring useful so I'm going to bookmark it here. Facebook monitoring is something new to many parents and this article introduces some new ideas to think about.

Next, I also find this site very informative and useful. It is for teaching kids all about netiquette and internet safety. You can watch videos together with your child and print out a related lesson plan. These are for Grade 4, 5 and 6 and include topics like online privacy and cyber bullying. I think it is a good idea to educated your preteen and teens BEFORE you introduce or allow them to use social sharing sites or social media like Facebook.

Finally, here is another video on Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips For Kids And Teens Online that any child just starting to use Facebook should watch. If you're done watching the video, you might want to browse around their other videos. There are some in there that are useful for teens including videos on cyber bullying, puberty, maintaining friendships, how to study for a test, etc. Not all of the videos in there are for teens though. Some are for adults but they are all motivational self help videos.

I think that it is inevitable that our children will use social networking sites eventually. You cannot prevent or forbid it forever so as parents, we MUST learn strategies for us to help teach our kids and teens about Facebook and internet safety. Google Safety Tips For Families is a good place to start your research and reading. It is our duty as parents to teach our kids how to use the internet safely and responsibly. In order to teach your kids, you must first educate yourself.

There is much debate on what age a child should be before they are allowed on social media. I think a general cutoff date should be around 13, the age restriction for Facebook and  YouTube. A young child should be allowed to play and learn in the real world first before they are introduced to the cyber world.

Whatever age you prefer to let your child start to use Facebook, there will eventually come a day when your child will enter the cyber world and you as a parent are responsible for teaching them how to use social sharing sites like Facebook smartly.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Free Printable Motivational Quotes Bookmark For Kids

I took a long time to do my free printable cute girl's bookmark. However, this free printable motivational quotes bookmark for kids only took me a little while because everything has been set up and ready.

These kids bookmarks are double sided. You can choose to print either just one side or both. The pages are aligned so you can print them on both sides. You will achieve best results if you laminate them. As before I included a "This Book Belongs To" on the bookmark.

You can also get your child to write in with pencil the date he or she first started on a particular book so they can see how long they take to finish a book. Use pencil so you can erase and use it again for another book. You won't need to fill in this part if your child finishes their books in one reading in a day or two like mine.

The quotes on the bookmarks are about making friends, trying your best, being happy and being kind. Quotes are in front with a continuation of the saying at the back of the bookmark.

Here is the download link for my free printable motivational quotes and sayings bookmarks for kids.
Free Printable Motivational Quotes Bookmark For Kids
Free Printable Motivational Quotes Bookmark For Kids

Free Printable Motivational Quotes Bookmark For Kids (Back)
Free Printable Motivational Quotes Bookmark For Kids (Back)


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