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Friday, April 19, 2019

Sri Emas International School Open Day 27 & 28 April 2019

This post is brought to you by Sri Emas International School.

Our philosophy in teaching isn’t just about delivering the syllabus but at the end of the day, it’s about ensuring that they’re enjoying what they’re learning by incorporating elements that are relevant to kids these days. With that, we like you to experience what we mean in our upcoming Open Day.

Date: 27 (Saturday) & 28 (Sunday) April
Time: 9am – 4:30pm
Venue: Sri Emas International School
10am-12pm: Open Day workshop
12pm-1pm: Skills Enhancement Workshop
1pm-1:45pm: Lunch
1:45pm-3pm: Principal/Founders’ Talk
3pm-4pm: Classroom Experience For Parents

Title: Get involved with our Open Day workshops and other complimentary activities with only RM20!

Open Day workshops (Max 30 pax/day) *Pick one only

A challenge created by a few of our Science teachers, where one of them happens to be a forensics scientist, you’ll be stepping into the shoes of a detective for a day to solve puzzles and unravelling the mysteries behind them using scientific concepts.

Mozart from the future
In today’s ever-changing world, ICT has become an essential part of our repertoire. Come check out how we incorporate rapid prototyping and problem-solving skills by teaching our kids to build a mini-electronic piano from scratch!

Skills Enhancement workshops (Max 30 pax/day) *Pick one only

Sound Wave Dance workshop
Do you know that over 60% of students are kinaesthetic? This means, they retain information a lot better via bodily movements. Join us for a “Step up” and experience how we incorporate dancing to teach our kids about soundwaves in Physics.

A leader with attitude (Drama) *Only available on 28 April (Sunday)
Get involved with our Drama workshop and see how we transform a regular individual into an outstanding, expressive leader that shines with confidence!

Art.C’s Hirameki workshop *Only available on 27 April (Saturday)
Inspire and expand your imaginations by joining our Hirameki workshop! Translated as “Draw what you see”, the Hirameki is brilliant in teaching students about looking at the things from different perspectives by getting them to doddle on random blobs, colourful splashes, and smears.

Classroom Experience For Parents (Max 30 pax/day) *complimentary

If you’re wondering what goes on daily in our classes, come check out our Classroom Experience for Parents where you’ll sit in a class as a student and experience our way of teaching!
Subjects on that day: English & History

Other complimentary activities:
·         Principal/Founders’ Talk
·         Campus Tour


*Workshops are on a first come first serve basis only.
*Attendees are required to make the payment during the day itself where failure to do so will result to a voided registration.



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