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Monday, March 19, 2007

Shopping for Schools Cont..

This post is the continuation to my earlier post: Shopping for Schools

Over the weekend I continued to visit some schools (Chinese, Kebangsaan and private) to get the feel and better perspective of things as well as to make a comparison. I would recommend an actual physical visit to several possible schools in your area before deciding as it reallly gives a better perspective and a helpful aid in the difficult decision making process.

Visiting the school premise gives me the chance to visualise whether I would be happy sending my child to the school. I walked around the classrooms, school halls, canteen etc to picture my kid being there. I tried to imagine myself sending and picking up my child from the school.

These field trips are necessary for me to pick the right school. Some of the schools were very run down and badly in need of a paint job! Some were fully aircond with many facilities. Some were very small with no proper school hall and sharing facilities with another school etc. I would say the visits were fruitful and has given me a better understanding and feel of which school would be suitable.

After shopping for schools, I am now shopping for kindergardens. Albeit a little late since my child is 5 now and most kids her age are now entering their second term in the year. I did my shopping for schools first BEFORE a kindergarden because I think they are interelated. Picking the school will help me decide on the right kindergarden for my child. The visit to the kindergardens were interesting and I shall probably talk about it in subsequent posts when I have more time.


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