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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Enjoy the times when they are young

I have often said this and I have often said how time flies. They grow up so quickly. I can't stress this enough.

How simple life is when they are young. You can take off and go for a holiday whenever you want. You can sleep in or sleep late or sleep whenever you want.

Once they are in school, things are so different. There are so many new challenges. I feel it now, even more so. This month, my boy has only been to school for 1 day due to his falling sick. The girl missed 6 days of school. There is a lot of catching up work to do. Teachers to call.

Now that they are in school, I have to deal with school bullying, fears of school, fears of teachers, homework, waking up early, getting enough sleepy, juggling precious time, the list goes on. It is a whole different ball game.

So enjoy the times when they are young, when life is so simple and all you have to worry about is whether they are sleeping well, eating well and pooping well.


  1. Yes, enjoy/treasure them while they are young ..in a blink ..they will be teenagers /adults very soon enough!

  2. Yes....I will remember to enjoy them now.

    School life really very different huh! Hmmm....


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