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Friday, September 23, 2011

Building Self Esteem in Kids

One of the ways to teach build self esteem in kids is to teach them to be proud of their own achievements. Recently, the kids piano teacher said that she had checked their ABRSM Piano test results online. She does not have the full details of the marks yet but according to her, the boy has a distinction for his Grade 1 while the girl has a merit in her Grade 3 Piano Exam.

 Previously the girl had a distinction in her ABRSM Piano Grade 1 exam and daddy framed up her certificate and hung it on the certificate wall along with mummy's and daddy's certificates. When the boy learned that he had scored a distinction he was very happy because he had been promised a place on the certificate wall.

  "Yay! Mummy,can I choose my own frame? I want gold!"

He was very proud of his achievement and we will definitely make it a big thing to take him to the shop to get his certificate framed up and later we will let him choose a spot on the wall and hang it up. With every success, there is an opportunity to build self esteem which should not be missed. 

Of course, one should not overdo the praise as well for children must learn that chasing papers and certificates are not whats important. Getting the certificate itself is not the important part, it is the effort put behind it that is important. We constantly try to remind our kids this.

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  1. Kudos to both your kids. They should be praised and rewarded.


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