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Monday, November 14, 2011

Kiasu Parent

I have never believed in tuition and allowing the kids to study during holidays. Holidays are meant to be holidays so that means full time play. After all, the kids don't get to do much of that at all during school days. Surely I can't allow them to have no childhood or a childhood filled with only studies and little play?

However, after a few years in the school system, I find that I am changing. Help! Guess what I did in preparation for this coming school holidays? I went to buy the kids books for next year! Then I went to research and visit a few tuition centers to enquire about their school holiday programs. That is what I did. I still do not believe in tuition very much, at least not the kind where the kids will have to attend 5 days a week (some daily till 10pm!) for all subjects. However, one tuition for one weak subject is ok, I think.

Anyway, so there I was buying books for next year and to my surprise, the bookshop was quite packed with parents buying workbooks for next year! The tuition centers I visited were filled with kids studying for next year! The teacher in my girl's class had started to teach them Mathematics for next year. When she mentioned a new subject which she was going to teach, the kids exclaimed "Ah...we know already!"

That leaves me no choice but to teach them myself in preparation for next year. Not because I want them to be ahead of the pack but because I don't want them to be lost and left behind. It is an awful feeling to be lost and not following what is being taught. I don't want them to feel the stress of being far behind in studies so I have to get them to study during the school  holidays, something that I had always been against. Kind of stupid isn't it? I don't want the kids to feel stressed next year so I work them this year.

I also plan to teach them during the school holidays because that is the only time when we have the time to go through the subjects at a decent pace with lots of discussion and fun instead of working like a horse during the school year. During school term, they have so much homework, I never have the time to teach them. I don't even have the time to help them do their homework properly. It is a pressure just to complete the homework. I am constantly rushing them to make sure they finish their school work. Sometimes it is such a rush, I am not sure they are learning anything at all!

Anyway, although I will be teaching them this school holidays, it won't be all work of course. It will be work and a decent pace with lots and lots of play and crafting time. They don't mind doing "mummy's work" because they know that I always make time for them to play afterwards. I guess that is the difference.

As for tuition, it would be nice if I could find a Chinese tutor to help them in areas where they have trouble in because my help is limited .... to the usage of an e-dictionary. Otherwise, I will just rely on my dictionary. It is still ok with my Year 2 Boy but not for the Year 4 girl who has to write Chinese essays. I can't help her with that.


  1. Reading your post already make me stress. LOL. But it's good, at least I know what to expect in the future and what to prepare. Didn't know that there are soooo many kiasu parents around!

  2. You are normal mother...I am thinking doing tht too. I will be on confinement next month so also kiasu tht nobody can guide them. Lots of parents in my girls school started with next year syllabus loh !!!

  3. Next year, I will stop sending my kids to tuition center, instead I hire a tutor to come to my house and give them tuition at home. My girl's school also starts to sell books for next year. This is the toughness studying in Chinese school. Sigh....not that we kiasu, we leave no choice like you mentioned here.

  4. I am planning to send my kids to home school the moment they finished kindergarten. We want them to focus on their training in rugby.


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