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Friday, April 19, 2013

What Is Digraf And Konsonan Berganding

Digraf dan Konsonan Berganding
So what is Digraf and Konsonan Berganding? Both are words that contain two consonants (not a e i o u which are vowels) side by side, one after the other, within the word.

Both are words with two consonants beside each other so how do you differentiate one from the other. How is Digraf different from Konsonan Berganding or Konsonan Bergabung? In fact there are some which do not differentiate the two but rather present them under the same heading adding to the confusion for student, parents including some teachers. Others differentiate them as follows:

There are only 5 consonant combinations for words classified as Digraf. They are: ng, ny, sy, kh and gh.

Examples of Digraf: bunga, nyamuk, syarat, khas, ghairah

Other consonant combinations give you Konsonan Berganding.

Examples of Konsonan Berganding include: stem, trak, aiskrim, drama and more.

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  1. Thanks for this post MG! I may need to refer to it again when my #1 is in Std 5 next year. BTW, do you realize that KSSR is so much more easier than KBSR? In BM especially.

    1. So is the Chinese too Shireen. English is the same. The standard is extremely low for both. Math is the same but the science syllabus is little different so I have to teach the boy all over again. Its such a pain to have one child under the KBSR system and another under the KSSR system, even worse, KSSR system for the first year of implementation. We always have to wait for his books to come out because they are always late since his is the first year.


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