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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book Giveaway And Review: Oh I Thought I Was The Only One 2 By Kopi Soh

Oh I Thought I Was The Only One 2

Today, I am going to tell you about a delightful book called Oh I Thought I Was The Only One 2 by Kopi Soh. I am also excited and happy to tell you that you will have the chance to enter a giveaway to win a copy of this book. In fact, you have a double chance of winning because I have two copies to give away to 2 lucky winners!

Oh I Thought I Was The Only One 2 is a self help book for kids aged 9 and up. You know those turbulent preteen and teen years. I know because I have one at home aged 11. Oh my, how she blows hot and cold all the time. Sweet as an angel one moment and the most rude kid in the whole wide world (as my kids like to say) in the next instant.

"Wait a minute! A self help book for a preteen? You've got to be kidding right. My kid will not even pick up a story book to read let alone a self help book." I can hear some of you saying. But then wait again. This is no ordinary self help book. This book is written in such a fashion it actually "speaks" to kids in those age category. Yup. It speaks their language with cute cartoons, illustration, short simple stories and poems that will make them laugh and say "Yes, yes, that happens to me too. I know I Am Not Alone." 

My preteen took to it immediately. She laughed at the cartoons and started asking me about some of the situations that happened to her too. In other words, she started relating to the book right away and it became an ice breaker for us to discuss some of the issues she faces like too much homework, bullying in school, not being good at sports, sibling rivalry, crushes and many more issues faced by kids today.

It gives kids the ways and skills to cope with shyness, friendships or lack of it, exams, parents divorce, and more serious issues like depression, illness or death. They have all been cleverly weaved into the book in a way that kids will understand. In a lighthearted tone or voice of a friend, not the parental tone that kids dislike.

However, as a parent reading it, I too nodded and felt like most  parts of the book felt like things I would probably say to my child. The only difference is sometimes, these messages carry more weight when it comes from a book that they read themselves rather than from out of mom or dad's mouth. Parents can also read the book with their child as many of the situations described make good starting points of discussion between parent and child.

Here's a little video to give you a sneak peak on the book Oh I Thought I Was The Only One 2 by Kopi Soh. Kopi Soh is a qualified and respected healer of hearts with a Masters in Psychology, specializing in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Instructions

  1. This giveaway is open to Malaysians Only.
  2. You do not need to have a blog. However, if you have one, great! You can share this giveaway on your blog and earn 5 entry points.
  3. You will need to fill in a valid email address so you can be contacted if you win the giveaway.
  4. You will need to reply to the winning email within 48 hours, otherwise another winner will be selected.
  5. That's all. Good Luck!
The Giveaway is now over. Congratulations to the two winners Elaine Lee and Kylie Wenn.

Update: I just received the latest news that the book is now out in the stores. Here is a list of the stores where you can find them. There is a contest for early birds too! Go here for the details of the contest.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks you cretonne!! Appreciate your feedback

  2. Me! me! me! I need one as i have got two kids that drive me up the wall with most of the issues in the book. maybe reading it will also help me understand kids these days.
    Don't ever remember being as vocal when i was their age.


    1. Hi Kirsten, haha yes I totally get what u are going through LOL
      That is why I even have a section for Parents and how they can help their kids through these daily life issues. Kids today face so much more than when we were young.

    2. Kopi Soh, they face so much and as a result, so do we, the parents.....

  3. Replies
    1. Ras, it is an enjoyable read, even for adults. :)

  4. Hi Mumsgather, I chanced upon this blog while surfing FB and am glad I've found you. I too have a 9 year old who has been recently driving me up the wall with her words and sometimes differing actions. I'm only too aware about the changes she must be going thru being a pre-teen but there are days I wish she'd just stay my darling lil' girl. I would really like to win this book, not just for her but also for me so that we can used this to start exploring more common grounds for communication.
    P/S: I have been eager to start a parenting blog too.... but since getting involved with beauty blogging early this year, that seems to be delayed. Would appreciate some advice.

    1. Hello sharonsree,

      I am going through exactly what you are going through. Sometimes I look at my girl and wonder where that sweet little toddler girl in the pink flower sundress went!

      As with regards your parenting blog... my only advice is ..... start writing. Haha.

    2. Tell me about it, there are days when she's exactly that, all sweet and affectionate and then there are moments when's she trying soo hard to be all grown up and mature... Ah well the joys and trials of parenthood...

      Thanks for the advice, I just might do that...will let you know if it does kickstart anytime soon :)

    3. Sharonsree what u described is exactly what I hope to achieve with this book, provide a tool not just for our children but also for us, to open the doors of communication. Sometimes even with adults, we hold things inside us for so long, we don't even know where to begin to share our problems with others. As with kids, they too sometimes want to talk to us but don't know how to start and where to begin. In addition they might fear that we might scold them if they confide in us. Other times the issue may be embarrassing and they are afraid if they tell people are going to laugh and tease them.

      Hope you win the book :D

    4. @Kopi Soh, You're right... the great thing is right now my pre-teen is still happy about sharing things with me but I wonder as she gets a little older if it will remain the same... it's a very thin line being a friend and also a parent..

      I hope so too :)

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Yes I agree the line is very thin but what matters more is that you
      give her the respect she deserves and she will in return naturally come to you even when she is older. Your daughter does not have to share every single thing that happens in her life (just like you don't share everything that happens in your life with her) but when it comes to the important stuff she will come to you.

  5. Me want this book! I was looking for it at MPH and Popular.. can't find though.. must order online from Kopi Soh ah?

    Try my luck to win one first. :P

    1. Elaine, I got mine through pre-order direct from kopi soh.

      I will get kopi soh to answer your other question herself.

    2. Sorry was sleeping so did not see this wakakakakkaa
      Elaine it will be out in MPH and Popular most likely in late June or July. It is not yet released.
      We just made shipment to MPH a week ago, am pretty sure they will take some time to distribute to all their bookstores throughout Msia :D

      Hehe I should run a contest for first one to find my book and take a snap shot gets a prize!!!!

  6. I wish I can win this book for my 13 years old daughter, her mood swing is like a pendulum... Hopefully by winning this book will help her & me too.

    1. Hello Yoke,
      :) I know about pendulum mood swings. My girl gives me that too!

    2. Wishing you all the best Yoke, hope you win this book. Mood swinging during their teenage years is caused by hormones, it is their hormones speaking. Sometimes they don't necessarily think straight or make sense that is because of their hormonal change, In addition when one is transitioning into adulthood, many many things are happening emotionally too. So yes if this book can help spark conversations between you and her, it will help her navigate the stressful life of a pre-teen/teen.

  7. My 10 yo girl loves reading n I hope she'll be interested to read this. She can be quite picky at times. I'm oso interested to know the contents n hopefully it'll help us both understand y she's behaving the way she is. I find that 10 yrs old is too early to be rebellious. :p

    1. Hey Slavemom, you can actually check out the contents here, it is available in Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Thought-Was-The-Only-One/dp/1481231480/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1371276711&sr=8-1&keywords=oh+I+thought+I+was+the+only+one+2

      Hope that helps.

    2. Thx, Kopi Soh! Looks interesting n relevant for this stage in life - the pre-teen yrs.

  8. I want I want for My jayden to learn!

  9. I have been wondering if there's a book about dealing with teenagers effectively...one that really works. Would be great to have this one for my 11 and 13 years old boy and myself! Fingers and toes crossed.

    1. Hey Daisy, this book is actually recommended by two doctors in Malaysia and currently the Malaysian Medical Association is also on my list of clients. So far 4 doctors have bought and we have just release it to them few days ago. :D

      So I really do hope it works for you, **also keeping toes, eyes and fingers crossed**

  10. Love the video! Would love to have a copy ;)

    1. Thanks Kristie, haha yes it was my first video that I narrated. LOL
      I hope you win too!!! If you do you will be one of the few to own it before the release to all the bookstores throughout Malaysia. :D


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