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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How To Draw Butterflies

Butterfly on flower
I love those How To Draw books. You know the kind that shows you how to draw a picture step by step. That is because I am not really very good at drawing. However, the How To Draw type of books gives me an idea to work with. I can follow the step-by-step instructions, then add a little dash of something here and a little bit of something there and voila I have a pretty picture.

So, I am very pleased to do a review of this How To Draw Butterflies book by Amit Offir. At just $2.99 for an ebook you can learn How To Draw Butterflies in various positions. Can you spot the one I drew? I added my own flower based on some other drawing I found in the book.

The book gives you step-by-step instructions on How To Draw butterflies, some in flight, some perching on a flower. It also shows you a color sample of the picture so you have an idea how to color it. This is great for kids or even adults who like to draw like me. Parents and teachers will also find it useful for teaching kids how to draw in a fun and easy way. Kids can learn to draw in a very short time and you will learn how simple changes can make different drawings just like I did.

My girl loves the How To Draw Butterflies book too. She is studying hard for her tests right now, so I decided to surprise her with this ebook. My son will probably like the How To Draw weapons one that is available by the same author. Besides butterflies and weapons, you can also find How To Draw titles for Fashion World, Dinosaurs, Musical Instruments, Fantasy World, Space, The Farm, Wild Animals, Birds, Garden, Food and a whole lot of other interesting titles. They are also available in a package.

Why not give one a try. There is a free title available called How To Draw Cool Stuff. You can download it for free here. If you like it, you can try it before buying some other title that your child likes.


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