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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Challenges And Solutions For Packing To School

Many parents realize the Importance Of Packing To School but they often face many challenges when packing food for their children. Here are some real problems moms face when packing to school and what to do about it.


There is a misconception that healthy and nutritious food is usually boring. Wrong! - That's what the kids may think, but as a parent, you can easily change that mindset. Start by cultivating a healthier mindset. Healthy and nutritious foods, especially natural foods like fruits and vegetables, can be made more exciting when you get creative!

Take a look at this picture of a recent Milo® UHT Pack in the Energy for Champions Bento Workshop. During the workshop participants used all of these healthy and nutritious foods to pack school lunches for kids that were easy to make, and far from boring.


Involve your kids in your planning. Take them to the supermarket to select healthy foods and fruits they would like to include in their lunch boxes. Get creative. Create interesting, and fun-looking foods that kids will have trouble resisting. If you are worried that your kids will prefer his friend's greasy unhealthy snacks to your healthy packed lunch, make an effort to create exciting lunch boxes that will make your child the envy of his friends. Make sure you include a variety of food in different colours. Not only will this make your lunch box look more attractive, you are also actually packing more nutrients with them. Try out this creative Tortilla Roll for your next lunch box.


Picky eaters make preparing school lunch boxes a real challenge. He will not eat broccoli or tomato, and will only eat rice when it is fried. No apples, bread, or bananas. How then do you prepare a healthy lunch box for a kid who is likely to leave everything untouched?


Watch what your child eats at home. Make a list of items that they like. Include at least two items from that list, and one from another, which you think they will not touch. You may be pleasantly surprised. Children can develop an acquired taste for a lot of food. When you involve your child in the selection and preparation of their lunch boxes, as in solution one above, they are more likely to eat them and the more that they eat them, the less likely they are to reject future food items. So, introduce new healthy foods to them slowly... one at a time.

Another method is to prepare familiar foods that you normally would at home. There is no need to prepare anything fancy. If your child likes fried rice, why not include fried rice in their lunch box - together with a variety of other healthy food?


The big question that most moms have, however, is how do I make sure the food I prepare now is safe to eat hours later? How do I make sure that the mayonnaise I use is still safe to consume at lunch? These are common questions asked by moms who often pack school lunches for their kids.


Make sure you wash your hands, knives, and cutting board before you use them. Make sure all surfaces are clean and dry, including your lunch box!

Food should always be kept in the correct temperature. Invest in a good lunch box that can keep things cool or warm, depending on the type of food you are planning to pack. When packing sandwiches, use cling wrap. This will also ensure that they do not become soggy, or have liquids leaking onto other food items.


Time is always a concern, whether you are a full-time working mum or a stay-at-home mother. Parents are at their wits end to beat the morning rush and get everyone ready and off to school on time. How then will you find the time to pack school lunches as part of your morning routine?


Plan ahead. Iron and prepare school uniforms the night before. Place school bags near the entrance. No fuss school lunches can be prepared the night before. Leave only fresh perishable items for preparation in the morning. Have a plan, shop for ingredients during the weekend, then prepare what you can the night before and keep it in the refrigerator. Wash fruits, and place them in little containers that you can slot into a larger one ahead of time. Include fuss-free school lunch items like quick bread rolls which you can bake over the weekend, cheese sticks, or a pack of Milo UHT, which provides efficient release of energy from food to help kids take on a full day’s challenge in school.

Keeping these all in mind, packing to school should be a breeze! Try out some of the recipe ideas on this page to prepare healthy, creative, and nutritious lunch boxes for your kids. Happy Packing!


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