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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Vocabulary For Creative Writing

With much more emphasis being placed on writing in our English exam papers now, let's have a look at some fresh writing ideas. When it comes to writing, the importance of vocabulary must not be overlooked. Students who have limited writing vocabulary will find it hard to write essays or short stories.

There are many different ways to say or describe a thing, person, place or situation. You can replace bland or boring words with better word choices to make your writing really stand out.

Here are 28 commonly used words in writing. You can use this quick cheat sheet of powerful words to replace these words. These other more exciting vocabulary will improve your writing instantly. Next time you write, try using the suggested words on the following infograpic instead of the words on the list below.
  1. New
  2. Next
  3. Things
  4. Feel
  5. Seem
  6. Best
  7. Young
  8. Just
  9. Almost
  10. Right
  11. Old
  12. Long
  13. Important
  14. Other
  15. Sad
  16. Happy 
  17. Good
  18. Bad
  19. Like
  20. Nice
  21. Only
  22. Real
  23. Sweet
  24. Funny
  25. Little
  26. Big
  27. Pretty
  28. Smart
Moms and dads helping their children with English writing homework can use this cheat sheet too!

Image Credit: 28 Boring Words Alternatives - Improve Your Writing Infographic by Jack Milgram


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