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School Holiday Programme December 2018


School Holiday Programme December 2018

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Encouraging Kids To Switch From Playing Games To Creating Games And Apps

Have you ever been worried that your child is spending too much of his or her time starring passively at their handheld gadgets or mobiles playing "mindless" games over and over again? Innocent game playing can lead to game addiction which is indeed a worry for many parents.

One way to guide rather than restrict your child's screen time is to channel their creativity and energy for playing games into game designing and building apps instead.

Children as young as 6 can design games, build apps, and create incredible projects

"Mom, I want to be a game designer!"

Have you ever had your child say this? This is not something to laugh over and dismissed. Your child's desire to learn how to make games or to find out how games are made can be a catalyst for you to introduce coding and computational thinking skills through computer science to him or her. Instead of letting your child play games, you can help your child to become the creator of games. You can use this as an opportunity to switch screen time from game playing to game designing and app building. This is both educational and beneficial for your child, especially in this age of digitized learning.

What is Computational Thinking Skills?

Computational Thinking Skills is the ability to use a structured way to solve problems. It is the ability to look at a complex problem using abstract thinking, breaking down the problem and eventually developing possible step by step solutions to that problem. It is having the flair  to look at both the big picture and the little details when solving problems. This is a very useful life skill for children. Read our previous post on How Computational Thinking Helps Kids and Teens In Solving Problems for more information on computational thinking skills.

Can my child really learn to make games and build apps?

Yes, they can. According to KidoCode, a Computer programming and mathematic school for primary, secondary and high school students, from ages 6 to 18 in Kuala Lumpur, kids can learn to make their first mobile apps within 4 hours during their free trial demo classes for kids and teens.

Try out a demo class today. Apply here for 4 hours of free trial class on coding, game design and app building for kids.



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