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School Holiday Programme December 2018


School Holiday Programme December 2018

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Coding For Kids - The Benefits Of Starting Early

Kids can learn to code from age 6 and up at KidoCode

One of the most frequently asked question when it comes to kids learning how to code is "When should I start my kids on coding?" "At what age should I expose my child to coding?" You may be told that it is beneficial to start early but just how early is early?

Many centers like KidoCode a computer programming and mathematic school for primary, secondary and high school students, and even bachelor students, in Kuala Lumpur  have classes for kids as young as 6. The pre-primary school years are the best time to start because this is the time when their minds are most open. You may notice that this is the time when your children learn languages rapidly. In fact, learning coding is akin to learning an additional language. This is also the time when children are at their most creative selves. Contrary to what many people believe, coding requires a lot of creativity.

Learning Coding from a  young age has many benefits, in particularly gaining mathematical and computational thinking skills. Coding helps plants these skills for later life in school.

What Benefit does Pre-schoolers And Primary School Students get from learning Mathematical And Computational Thinking Skills

In a digital world run by apps and computer programmes, it is logical and inevitable that children should learn coding along with their ABCs and 123s. Children are spending a lot of screen time on gadgets and devices. Why not make the best use of the screen time on something educational which will help them learn and master new skills?

Coding exposes children to Mathematical and computational skills. These skills help children learn to think logically. This is an invaluable living skill to have. When kids learn coding they will learn to look at problems methodically. If (problem).... then (solution) ..... else....... (alternate solution).

Kids can use logical thinking and problem solving skills acquired from learning coding in other subjects. They will be able to analyze and break down a problem in order to come to a solution. This is useful in Math, Science, and many other subjects they learn in school. It also helps them in school projects which requires them to analyse, reflect, evaluate and present information in the classroom. All of these skills are useful when learned in early life using Coding.

Will My Child Be Bored Or Find Coding Difficult?

With more and more children learning coding from a young age and schools including coding in early education syllabuses in recent years, the way has been paved for coding education to be kid-friendly. Coding is taught in many ways that children can easily understand and relate to. Children can learn to create games, apps and sites in fun and creative ways. Once they discover the potential of what they can create, they will find it highly interesting and motivating, not boring at all.

Expose your child to coding by sending them to a free trial class organized by KidoCode. All kids from age 6 to 18 are welcome. Book your class here.

Parents can learn with kids too at KidoCode


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  1. As a programmer with many, many years experience I totally agree that children should start coding as early as possible.

    With so many different devices, iPads, Tablets, SmartPhones easily accessible and brilliant software to aid learning coding very quickly there is no excuse for all children to be competent in writing simple macros in office products, Word or Excel before they start coding at school



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