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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Tugasan Geografi PT3 2018 (Geography Assignment For PT3 2018)

Since our post is in English, we will first translate the question into English using Google Translate to help us better understand the question. The translation may not be 100% (but Google Translate is getting better all the time now).

In this year's Geography Assignment, "candidates are required to conduct a study on land use in your residential or school area. Land use refers to all human activities that transform and adapt the ground to meet human needs."

The map review should include the following: 

3.1.Background of the study area 
3.2.Drawing a sketch map showing the land-use distribution in the study area
3.3 Describe the sketch map showing the distribution of land use in the study area 
3.4 Identify a major land use in the study area and describe the factors affecting the land use 
3.5 Identify and describe the impact of the land use on the environment studied in 3.4 
3.6 Proposed efforts to overcome the impact of the land use 
3.7 Presenting the results of the study

As usual, we curate the best places you can go for information to help you answer the question.

PT3 2018 Geography Assignment Question (Soalan Tugasan Geografi PT3 2018)
To view the actual question in Malay, go to this teacher's blog. Of course, you probably have the question in your hands so it is not really necessary. 

What is "Guna Tanah"?

The first thing the candidate should understand is the term "guna tanah". You can head on over to MyPT3 website for their definition of the term in this post: Apa Definisi dan Maksud Guna Tanah Geografi Pt3. While you are there, remember to browse around for other helpful information to help you with this year's Geography Assignment for PT3 (2018).

Examples of "Guna Tanah" Sketch Maps

The Bumi Gemilang website has plenty of examples or Contoh Peta Lakar. In addition, you can visit the links to help you with the steps and guide on how to draw them. You can also read up on the impact to the environment, using the example of "pertanian" in one of the links.

Sample Answers (Contoh Jawapan Tugasan Geografi PT3 2018)

Here are a few sample answers to refer to. Remember, no copying. These are references to help you to answer the question and are not to be copied lock, stock and barrel.

Other Useful References

Time Frame

Students have to complete this assignment in 12 lessons or 360 minutes from 8 July to 27 July 2018 from start to finish. Go here for the full PT3 2018 Exam Calendar

Good Luck to all PT3 2018 candidates. Enjoy your assignment!



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