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Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Education Going Digital - Are you keeping up?

We are currently seeing a digital transformation in education. Just like every other aspect of life that is going digital, education is also being digitalized.

When classrooms go digital, students receive so much more exposure in the form of e-textbooks with multimedia content such as videos, audios, interactive presentations or quizzes and hyperlinks that lead you to more information on the subject being studied.

Are we keeping up with digitalization in education?

Digital products and companion websites offer students additional access to content on the go

Recognizing a need to incorporate print and digital resources, Oxford Fajar has in its key print series provided additional ready-to-use learning and teaching resources as a value-add in their product offering.

The resources such as videos and website links help students deepen their understanding of certain topics, additional exercises, and audio files for listening components in English and Malay language. These resources are developed to complement Oxford Fajar titles and are tailored closely to each specific title. Students will find this beneficial as all its contents are aligned to the latest syllabuses.

This provides students the tools to take guided control of their learning.

Look out for CW logo (Companion Website Logo) in your Oxford Fajar print books and explore the companion resources.

Other than print books, Oxford Fajar also has interactive ebooks and apps which allow students to study on the go.

Below are some of the digital products being offered by Oxford Fajar.

Fully Worked Solutions ebook for SPM, STPM and Matriculation students - includes step-by-step workings and examples to introduce concepts, build understanding and help students explore subjects like mathematics and science in a more fun and interactive way.

Memory Booster Plus app - effective digital study cards for SPM students for quick revision on the go

Have you tried using digital resources before? Oxford Fajar is offering 50% off on Memory Booster App on Google Play Store starting today! Additionally, all  Mumsgather followers get a 50% discount with the discount code MUMSGATHER50 on Oxford Fajar’s e-learning site. First come first serve limited to the first 100 buyers. Key in the discount code upon checkout when purchasing Oxford Fajar's Digital Solution Books. This discount code is valid till 31 March 2020.


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