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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Help! My kids speak Chinglish

At home we refer to poo as "pangsai" (in hokkien) or simply "umm mmm" and pee as "Shee shee".

I have no idea why but the kids love toilet talk. They would often come to me to describe their pee and poo. I guess that this simple process fascinates them. Well, they use Chinglish in their toilet talk as well.

My boy: Look mummy, I have two umm mmms

MG: Are you done?

My Girl: No, I am still shee sheeing

Looking at the bright side, at least they know their participles and singular/plurals. Lol!


  1. Muahahha!! chloe says.. i need to peepee.. or i need to poopie.. ;)
    also toilet talk right..??

  2. hahaha... ur kid is very cute

  3. mamabok,
    poopie sounds almost edible. Hahaha.

    All kids are cute. :)


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