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Monday, December 03, 2007

Her First Children's Dictionary

"A gift of a Dictionary equals to a gift of a whole new world of words and knowledge." - MG

"How to spell this word?"

"What does this word mean?"

After hearing these questions from my girl several times a day, we finally got her a Children's Dictionary of her own. "You can check up the meanings and spellings of words on your own using this dictionary", we told her. However, that first dictionary we bought was too simple for her. Almost all the words that she wanted to look up was not available in the dictionary.

So we hunted for another and eventually found the MacMillian Fully Illustrated #1 Dictionary for Children. It is an excellent Dictionary for Children. We all love it. The illustrations are beautiful. The coloured index at the sides make it easy for a child to use. Even her 3 year old brother loves it. He would open up the pages and read AAAA, BBBB, CCCC, till he reaches ZZZZ. Lol!

As for my girl, she is totally absorbed in it. She would sometimes "read" the Dictionary like a book, flitting from one word to another. (Since the explanation of one word naturally leads to more new words that she doesn't understand. Some of the explanations may be a little hard for her as its meant for children age 8 -12 (She's almost 6 now but I hope that this Dictionary can last her till 12 and continue to encourage her love in books and reading) so I will explain those to her. Using this Children's Dictionary as a guide, I can answer her questions about the meaning and spelling of words with ease.

This Children's Dicitionary receives a big thumbs up from MG. :)


  1. Ya.. children learns well thru pictures.. glad to hear your kids love it..

  2. Where did you buy this dictionary from? Maybe I shd also get one for my Alycia since she is also very drawn to pictures. How much is it?
    BTW, I've linked you up in both my blogs :)

  3. sting,
    This one is not a picture dictionary. Its a real dictionary with worded explanations and some pictures.

    health freak mommy,
    Thanks for the links. I'll reciprocrate on 3 of mine, not that it matters since my blogs are all PR0 now and not 5 like what it used to be. Haha. As for the dictionary, I got it at MPH for RM59.90. Its quite an advance dictionary for my daughter who is 5 going on 6 because its meant for kids from 8-12 but I hope that it will last her for some years.

  4. Wow..!! a dictionary already..?? You very the advance leh.. ;)

  5. mamabok,
    If only I were that advance in my own language, Chinese. :P


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