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Friday, February 29, 2008

Action speaks louder than words

My Girl: Mummy, I don't like school anymore. Its boring. They always teach the same thing. Always ejaan or spelling.

MG: Oh, like that ah? Like that no need to go to school anymore loh? (*teasing*)

My Girl: Mummy, I think I want to go to school lah (serious)

In another incident.....

Mr MG: She's vomitting. Tomorrow better not let her go to school.

My Girl: Daddy, I think I no more vomittting already. Tomorrow I can go to school.

I only wish this eagerness to go to school will continue through "big school".

The first term school holidays is approaching. How fast time flies. First term is almost over. As we were looking at the calander and the holiday dates together.....

My Girl: Mummy, look, November and December so many holidays. So nice one?

MG: Yah, that also means the end of kindy. After that you go to big school.

My Girl: Oh. *face fell as realisation sets in*


  1. no exam for her yet izit? i think when exam time need to study and do revision that time she will say "I think School is no fun!" But then when we are working we wish we're studyin...sigh... Yeah i Blog lau sai. Until my ah bon boss come to msia, i will lau sai. Then i constipated again.

  2. it's great that she loves her school so much, the teachers must have love her too. :)

  3. good ler she likes to go school

  4. wah...so kuai one your child...my girl hope it is Sat and Sun FOREVER!!

  5. sasha,
    I prefer you to lausai rather than constipated. Hahaha.

    shern's mom,
    Not sure if the teachers love her too. Haha.

    Yes, good for her and me too. Hehe.

    mummy to qiqi,
    kuai? I'm not sure about it. I think she just likes it because it school makes her feel big and important. Lol!


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