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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An email to daddy

Sometimes when I sent an email to the hubby at work, I would call the kids in and ask them what they wish to say to daddy, then I would type it in and read it out loud to them. They enjoy this little "activity" a lot especially if they get a reply from daddy.

My girl who is older prefers to type her own email message. Recently she typed this to her daddy. (using one finger typing). I shall copy and paste it here for us to enjoy and remember years later, long after we have deleted the message.

Dearest Daddy,

Today i had a nice day at my school/kindergaden becauese got sweet's that's why today i had a fun day at my school. and now how is YOUR day at work today? but, some of the sweet's might have nut's so mummy/you have to take out the nut's /eat the nuts or orange that we eat. We are going to rest soon.

She likes pink so she always uses pink in the messages. I was amused that she had remembered what I told her when we read together. I told her to read with emphasis those words that are highlighted, in bold, in italics or in caps. She remembered and put "YOUR" day at work to emphasize "YOUR".

This is actually a good way of teaching and encouraging the kids to write, spell and form sentences. They don't realise that they are learning at the same time because they think its such a game but of course you can't do it too often or hubby may get distracted at work, worse still if they screen his incoming emails. Lol!


  1. hey, this is so sweet!! Daddy must be feel so so warm to receive this e mail.:)

  2. Annie,
    Usually when he replies, the kids feel warm. Haha.


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