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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


"Mummy, can I play computer games?"


"Mummy, what if I finish my homework by 4 o'clock?"


"What if I finish it by 3 o'clock?"


"Mummy, please.... please....mummy?"


You may play computer games on Thursdays AFTER you have finished your homework. Only Thursdays. I don't want to hear anything about computer games on any other day.

To end negotiation in the house, I have to be firm and consistent. The minute I give in or give up and say "Oklah, Oklah" either because I am too busy, distracted, annoyed or just simply want to stop all that pleading and negotiation, well, that is the end of it. That opens the door to more negotiation in the future, you can be sure about that.

So, its no playing computer games accept on Thursdays. No bringing storybooks to school. etc etc.

My mantra for the day: I must be firm. I must be firm. I must be consistent. I must be consistent.


  1. Ya..i strongly agree with you. me too facing same request and same problem...my rules is on Friday night only..no other day. When they used to they will not ask on normal day because they know...answer going to be NO....

  2. Hi Nat,
    Yah, they even tried to negotiate with me on that. "What about Sat and Saturday?"
    Answer: No.


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