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Friday, December 02, 2011

The Voice of Conscience

Last night the girl asked me....

"Mummy, can I don't tell you something?"

At first it was that but it later led to a confession by her and her little brother that they had both been throwing erasers at the ceiling fan.

.... which led to a confession that they cannot sleep for days and would continuously think about the bad thing they had done and feel bad if they don't confess it. Even if they were scolded for it, they would feel better if they owned up. (especially the girl who is very straight and honest, I am not so sure about the boy....)

Naturally I scolded them for throwing erasers at the ceiling fan because if was a dangerous thing to do. What if the eraser bounced back and hit the eye.

However, I praised them for being honest and taught them a new word.


I told them that they were good little people for feeling bad about something bad that they had done and that the feeling was called conscience.

They were happy to learn a new word and to know that they were good people who had conscience. Hopefully, they will learn to confess more wrong doings in the future because as my girl puts it....

After telling you, I feel....aahhhh...


  1. That's so interesting - which makes me think when do kids actually develop conscience.

  2. Yeah when do they actually develop? hmmm.. They're very good kids. :)


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