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Monday, August 05, 2013

Banana Mom Helps Her Child With Homework

This is how a banana mom helps her child with KSSR Homework. The std 3 boy takes out his Chinese homework and says "Mom, I have to go on the internet and search for P.Ramlee and then write something about him."

Great! No website was given. So what do we do now? If you search for "P.Ramlee" you will be rendered search results in English and Malay. Very good. Very good, indeed.

Here are the steps we have to take to complete that homework.

1. We check P.Ramlee in Chinese. It is "Bi Nan Li" Wonderful!
2. So use an online Chinese Character to find each of the characters "bi", "nan" and "li"
3. Then we put them all together (by copy and pasting one by one) and do a google search for "Bi Nan Li" (比南利) in Chinese.
4. Aha! We're getting somewhere. We get search results in Chinese BUT we have no idea what it says.
5. We take a random paragraph and do a google translate and some were talking about unpaid taxes, some were about some fruit whatever!
6. Finally we found one that talked about his career. Excellent!
7. The boy settles down to copy and says "Mom, that is in traditional Chinese"
8. So we get a Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese converter and converts the paragraph.
9. Homework is completed at last and mom pulls out her hair!

Feeling annoyed. What a waste of time!


  1. same like me. I scribble the entire chinese sentence in nciku, then transfer to google translator, then read. that is for ONE sentence.

    1. Yup! For ONE sentence only. Imagine the time we have to spend on MORE sentences which is more of the norm.


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